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BEFORE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Before

    sentence with Before

    Ever struggled with the proper usage of “before” in a sentence? This common English word is often used to indicate the time preceding a specific event or moment.

    “Before” is a versatile preposition that helps establish chronological order, convey precedence, or signify a point in the past. Understanding its correct placement in a sentence is key to clear and effective communication.

    7 Examples Of Before Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Before going to sleep, brush your teeth.
    • Make sure you wash your hands before eating.
    • Finish your homework before watching TV.
    • Please put your toys away before leaving the room.
    • Remember to say “thank you” before accepting a gift.
    • Put on your shoes before going outside to play.
    • Make sure to listen carefully before answering the question.
    Examples Of Before Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Before Examples

    • Before you head to class, make sure you have all your study materials.
    • Make sure to submit your assignment before the deadline.
    • It’s important to review your notes before the exam.
    • Before attending a lecture, read up on the topic to be prepared.
    • Remember to check the syllabus before starting a new course.
    • Before joining a club or society, find out about their activities and meetings.
    • Always save your work before shutting down your computer.
    • It’s a good idea to set goals before the start of the semester.
    • Before making any major decisions, consult with your academic advisor.
    • Attend the orientation session before the new academic year begins.
    • Before attending a seminar, do some background research on the speaker.
    • Make sure to get enough rest before a big exam.
    • Review your class schedule before planning any extracurricular activities.
    • Check the library hours before heading there to study.
    Sentences with Before Examples

    How To Use Before in Sentences?

    Before is a versatile word that is commonly used in English to indicate something that comes earlier in time or place. It is often used to show the sequence of events or actions.

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    Here are a few examples of how before can be used in a sentence:

    1. Before going to bed, make sure to brush your teeth.
    2. I had never seen that movie before today.
    3. Sarah always likes to arrive at the party before it gets too crowded.
    4. Please finish your homework before watching TV.
    5. The store closes at 5 pm, so make sure to get there before then.

    It’s important to note that before is a preposition, so it is typically followed by a noun or pronoun in a sentence. It helps to establish a relationship between different parts of a sentence and give them context.

    How To Use Before in Sentences

    By using before in your sentences, you can provide clarity to your writing and make the sequence of events clear to your readers. Practice incorporating before into your sentences to improve your English language skills and become more fluent in using it correctly.


    In writing, the use of sentences with “before” serves to establish a sequence of events or actions. By placing “before” in a sentence, the reader is able to understand the chronological order of what is being described. For example, “I completed my homework before heading to bed,” clearly conveys that the homework was done prior to going to sleep.

    These sentences with “before” help provide clarity and structure to our communication. They are essential in ensuring that information is presented logically and in a way that is easy to follow. By utilizing sentences with “before,” writers can effectively convey the relationships between different events or actions, enhancing the overall coherence and understanding of their writing.

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