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BEGIN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Begin

    sentence with Begin

    When it comes to learning a new language, one of the first steps you’ll encounter is understanding how to construct a sentence. A sentence is a unit of language that contains at least one subject and one predicate.

    To begin writing sentences in a new language, it’s crucial to grasp the basic structure: subject, verb, and object. Once you have a handle on this foundation, you can start incorporating different parts of speech and additional elements to enhance your sentences. Practice is key when it comes to mastering sentence construction, so don’t be afraid to start simple and gradually build your skills.

    7 Examples Of Begin Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Begin by saying “Good morning” to your friends.
    • Let’s begin our day with a smile on our face.
    • Begin by coloring the sky blue in your drawing.
    • When you hear the bell ring, that means it’s time to begin class.
    • Let’s begin the story of the hungry caterpillar.
    • Begin counting how many pencils are on your desk.
    • Remember to begin each sentence with a capital letter.
    Examples Of Begin Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Begin Examples

    • Begin your day with a healthy breakfast to fuel your mind for a productive day.
    • It’s important to begin studying for exams well in advance to avoid last-minute stress.
    • Begin setting goals for yourself to stay motivated and focused throughout the semester.
    • Begin attending lectures regularly to stay updated with the course material.
    • To manage your time effectively, begin creating a study schedule that fits your routine.
    • Begin networking with peers and professors to build connections that may benefit you in the future.
    • Don’t hesitate to begin seeking help from tutors or study groups if you are struggling with a particular subject.
    • It’s a good idea to begin researching potential internships or job opportunities early on in your college years.
    • Begin exploring extracurricular activities that interest you to broaden your horizons and develop new skills.
    • Begin budgeting your finances wisely to avoid overspending and financial stress.
    • Begin prioritizing self-care and mental health by incorporating relaxation techniques into your routine.
    • Begin volunteering for community service initiatives to give back and make a positive impact.
    • Begin keeping track of deadlines and assignments by using a planner or calendar system.
    • Begin attending career fairs and workshops to gain insights into potential career paths.
    Sentences with Begin Examples

    How To Use Begin in Sentences?

    To use the word Begin in a sentence, you can start by identifying an action or process that is starting or commencing. For example, you could say, “I will begin my homework after dinner.” In this sentence, the word Begin is used to indicate the start of an activity, which is doing homework.

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    Another way to use Begin in a sentence is to describe something that is starting to happen or develop. For instance, you could say, “The flowers will begin to bloom in the spring.” Here, the word Begin is used to show the start of a natural process, which is the blooming of flowers in the spring.

    How To Use Begin in Sentences

    You can also use Begin to give instructions or commands, such as “Please begin your presentations now.” In this sentence, the word Begin is used to direct others to start their presentations at that moment.

    Remember to capitalize the word Begin when it is used at the beginning of a sentence. Practicing writing sentences with Begin will help you become more comfortable with using the word effectively in your everyday conversations and written communication.


    In conclusion, by examining different sentences that begin with the keyword “begin,” it is clear that this word serves as a powerful tool to start a thought or action. Whether used in writing or speech, starting sentences with “begin” helps to signal the commencement of a new idea or sequence of events. This word propels the reader or listener into the heart of the message, setting the stage for what is to follow.

    By paying attention to how sentences with “begin” are structured and used in various contexts, we can appreciate the significance of a strong opening. The word “begin” not only captures attention but also lays the foundation for effective communication. Embracing the power of this simple yet impactful word can enhance the clarity and coherence of our expressions, showcasing the importance of well-crafted beginnings in conveying our thoughts and ideas.

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