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BEHIND in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Behind

    sentence with Behind

    Have you ever wondered about the correct way to use the word “behind” in a sentence? “Behind” is a preposition that indicates the back position of someone or something relative to another person or object.

    When constructing a sentence with “behind,” it is essential to clarify the spatial relationship between the two entities involved. Whether referring to physical location or metaphorical representation, using “behind” effectively can enhance the clarity and coherence of your communication.

    7 Examples Of Behind Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The cat is behind the table.
    • I left my bag behind the door.
    • Look, there is a squirrel behind the tree.
    • The sun sets behind the mountains.
    • Please stand behind the yellow line.
    • The moon shines bright behind the clouds.
    • The playground is behind the school.
    Examples Of Behind Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Behind Examples

    • Behind the library, there is a quiet study area perfect for focusing on assignments.
    • The canteen is just behind the main building, where you can grab a quick snack between classes.
    • The professor is always available for extra help during office hours, so don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you fall behind in your studies.
    • Make sure to check the notice board regularly to stay updated on any events happening behind the scenes.
    • It’s important to stay organized and keep track of deadlines to avoid falling behind in your coursework.
    • The internship opportunities available can give you a valuable experience and put you one step behind others in your field.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class if you find yourself behind or confused about the topic being discussed.
    • Don’t let social events or distractions leave you behind in your academics.
    • The campus bookstore is located behind the administrative building, where you can purchase textbooks and other study materials.
    • The career counseling center can help you plan your future and ensure you’re not left behind in the competitive job market.
    • It’s important to establish a good rapport with your professors, as they can offer insights and guidance that go behind what is covered in the syllabus.
    • Participating in extracurricular activities can help you develop new skills and meet like-minded individuals behind the classroom setting.
    • The campus gym is located behind the sports complex, where you can stay active and relieve stress from your studies.
    • Don’t forget to explore the resources available in the library to ensure you’re not left behind in your research assignments.
    Sentences with Behind Examples

    How To Use Behind in Sentences?

    To use “Behind” in a sentence, you need to understand that it is a preposition that indicates something is at the back of or in a position just before something or someone.

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    Here are some examples to help you understand how to correctly incorporate Behind in a sentence:

    1. “The cat is behind the couch.” – In this sentence, the word behind shows the location of the cat, which is at the back of the couch.
    2. “She hid behind the tree to surprise her friend.” – Here, behind is used to describe the position of the girl, who is positioned at the back of the tree.
    3. “The treasure was buried behind the old barn.” – In this example, behind indicates the location of the buried treasure, which is at the back of the old barn.
    4. “The car followed closely behind the truck.” – Here, behind illustrates the position of the car, which is just behind the truck.
    How To Use Behind in Sentences

    Remember, when using Behind in a sentence, it is important to provide clarity about the location or position of the subject in relation to another object or person. With practice, you will become more comfortable using Behind in your sentences to effectively communicate spatial relationships.


    In conclusion, the concept of “behind” refers to something located at the back or in a position less advanced than another. When we say “the cat is behind the couch” or “she is running behind schedule”, we are indicating the spatial or metaphorical position of an object or person. Whether it’s indicating physical proximity or a delay in progress, “behind” provides valuable context in describing relationships and situations.

    Understanding the use of “behind” in sentences helps clarify the relative positions of objects and individuals, allowing for effective communication and clear expression. It serves as a simple yet powerful tool in language, aiding in conveying information accurately and succinctly.

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