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BESIDES in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Besides

    sentence with Besides

    Ever wondered how to use the word “besides” effectively in a sentence? The word “besides” is a versatile term that is commonly used to introduce additional information or alternatives to what has already been mentioned.

    When incorporated into a sentence, “besides” helps to expand upon the main idea by providing further details, offering a different perspective, or presenting supplementary options. Mastering the use of “besides” can enhance the clarity and depth of your communication, allowing you to express a range of ideas concisely and effectively.

    7 Examples Of Besides Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I like to play with my toys besides my friend.
    • I enjoy eating ice cream besides cookies.
    • We can read books besides drawing pictures.
    • The sun shines bright besides the clouds.
    • Birds fly in the sky besides butterflies.
    • I can jump and skip besides running.
    • I like to sing besides dancing.
    Examples Of Besides Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Besides Examples

    1. Besides studying, college students often participate in extracurricular activities.
    2. College students can benefit from seeking career advice from professionals besides just relying on their academic qualifications.
    3. Besides attending lectures, it is important for students to revise their notes regularly for better understanding.
    4. College students can explore various internships besides their regular coursework to gain practical experience.
    5. Besides academic achievements, students should also focus on building leadership skills for personal growth.
    6. It is essential for college students to maintain a healthy lifestyle besides coping with academic pressures.
    7. Besides attending classes, students should engage in group discussions to enhance their communication skills.
    8. College students can consider taking up part-time jobs besides their studies to gain financial independence.
    9. Besides completing assignments, students should also work on developing their critical thinking abilities.
    10. Students can make use of resources available in the college library besides online sources for research projects.
    11. Besides attending seminars, students can benefit from networking with industry professionals for career opportunities.
    12. College students should make time for hobbies besides their academic commitments to reduce stress.
    13. It is important for students to participate in workshops and training sessions besides regular classroom learning.
    14. Besides theoretical knowledge, students should also focus on gaining practical skills through hands-on experience.
    Sentences with Besides Examples

    How To Use Besides in Sentences?

    Besides can be used in a sentence to show an additional idea or point. For beginners, it’s important to remember that “besides” is often used to add more information or reasons to support a statement.

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    Here are some examples to guide you on how to use besides effectively in a sentence:

    1. “I enjoy playing soccer, but besides that, I also like to go swimming on weekends.”
    2. Besides studying for my exams, I need to prepare for my presentation tomorrow.”
    3. “She is fluent in Spanish, and besides, she can also speak French and Italian.”

    Remember that besides is a transitional word that helps to connect different thoughts or ideas in a sentence. It is often used to introduce a new point or provide more details about something that has already been mentioned. When using besides, make sure the additional information you are providing is related to the main idea of the sentence.

    How To Use Besides in Sentences

    By practicing using besides in your sentences, you can improve your writing and communication skills. Experiment with different sentence structures and contexts to become more comfortable with incorporating besides into your everyday language.


    In conclusion, using sentences with “besides” adds depth and complexity to writing by providing additional information or alternative perspectives. It can serve to emphasize a point, introduce new ideas, or offer supportive evidence. By incorporating “besides” into your writing, you can create a more dynamic and engaging piece that enhances the overall flow and clarity of your message.

    Additionally, sentences with “besides” can help establish connections between different points, enhancing the coherence and coherence of your writing. Whether used in academic essays, professional emails, or creative writing, the strategic use of “besides” can elevate the quality of your communication and effectively convey your ideas to the reader.

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