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CHILDREN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Children

    sentence with Children

    Have you ever wondered what makes a sentence an example sentence for children to learn from? An example sentence is a clear and simple statement that demonstrates the proper use of words and grammar in a way that is easy for children to understand.

    In educational settings, example sentences are often used to help children grasp new concepts, expand their vocabulary, and improve their language skills. By providing clear and relatable examples, educators can effectively communicate the rules and conventions of language to young learners.

    7 Examples Of Children Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Children are playing in the playground.
    • Let’s sing a song together, children!
    • Children are learning new words in class.
    • Story time is always fun for children.
    • Children love to run and play outside.
    • Can you count how many children are in the room?
    • Let’s all hold hands and dance, children!
    Examples Of Children Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Children Examples

    • Children playing in the park can be heard from the college campus.
    • The college students volunteered to teach underprivileged children in the nearby village.
    • The college’s annual festival had a section dedicated to entertaining children with games and activities.
    • Many college students aspire to work in NGOs that focus on the welfare of children.
    • The college library has a special section with books for children to read.
    • The college’s social work club organized a donation drive for children in need.
    • College students often participate in mentorship programs to guide children in their studies.
    • The college cafeteria introduced a special menu for children visiting campus with their parents.
    • The college organized a blood donation camp with a separate area for children to engage in activities.
    • Some college students intern at organizations that specialize in children’s mental health services.
    • The college’s cultural fest had a dance performance by children from a nearby orphanage.
    • College students often conduct educational sessions for children living in slum areas.
    • The college’s alumni association sponsors scholarships for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
    • The college’s sports club hosts annual sports tournaments for children from local schools.
    Sentences with Children Examples

    How To Use Children in Sentences?

    To use Children in a sentence, begin by identifying when you want to refer to more than one child. You can start your sentence by simply stating the word “children” followed by the rest of your sentence. For example, “The children were playing in the park.”

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    When using Children in a sentence, it’s important to remember that this word is the plural form of “child,” which means it refers to multiple young individuals. You can use children to talk about a group of kids, students, or offspring. For instance, “She has three children” or “The children are excited for the school field trip.”

    How To Use Children in Sentences

    You can also use children to specify the age group you are referring to, such as “The children under five years old are in the preschool class.” Remember to use “child” when talking about a single young individual and “children” when referring to more than one.

    In summary, remember to use Children when you want to talk about a group of young individuals. Ensure that the rest of your sentence matches the plural form of the word, and remember to use “children” when referring to more than one child. With practice, you will become more comfortable using Children effectively in your writing.


    In conclusion, the importance of using sentences with children lies in the significant role language plays in their development. By engaging with children through clear and structured sentences, caregivers and educators can support their language skills, vocabulary expansion, and overall cognitive growth. Through interactive and age-appropriate sentences, children can enhance their communication abilities, storytelling capacities, and comprehension of the world around them.

    Furthermore, using sentences with children fosters a nurturing environment that encourages active listening, critical thinking, and effective communication. It also aids in building strong foundations for literacy and academic success in the future. So, whether it is reading aloud, engaging in conversations, or providing instructions, utilizing sentences with children is a valuable tool in promoting their language development and overall learning experience.

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