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CRAWL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Crawl

    sentence with Crawl

    Ever wondered how to effectively use the word “crawl” in a sentence? When we talk about the verb “crawl,” we are referring to the act of moving on hands and knees, usually at a slow pace. This word can describe the movement of an insect, an infant learning to move, or someone struggling to make progress.

    To convey the action of “crawl” clearly in writing, it is essential to provide context and detail in your sentence. Whether depicting a leisurely crawl along the beach or a frustrating crawl in rush hour traffic, choosing the right words to describe this movement can help paint a vivid picture for your readers.

    7 Examples Of Crawl Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The baby crawl on the floor.
    • Ants like to crawl on the ground.
    • The little snail likes to crawl slowly.
    • A caterpillar can crawl on a leaf.
    • A spider can crawl on walls.
    • Turtles can crawl on land.
    • Some insects crawl in the garden.
    Examples Of Crawl Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Crawl Examples

    • Crawl into bed after a long day of attending lectures and studying.
    • Sometimes I just want to crawl back home and watch a movie after classes.
    • The slow internet speed made the webpage crawl on my laptop.
    • The line at the campus cafeteria moved at a crawl during lunchtime.
    • I had to crawl out of bed early to make it to my morning lecture.
    • Submitting assignments at the last minute made my computer crawl with so many open tabs.
    • Wishing the weekend would crawl by slower so I could relax and catch up on sleep.
    • Crawl through rush hour traffic to make it to the college in time.
    • The snail’s pace at which the professor spoke made the lecture crawl for the entire duration.
    • Skimming through the textbook before the exam felt like watching time crawl by.
    • The software update caused my laptop to crawl while completing the assignment.
    • Crawl towards the finish line during the annual college marathon.
    • The long queue at the photocopy center made time crawl as I waited to get my notes copied.
    • Having to crawl through a mountain of laundry to find a clean shirt for the day.
    Sentences with Crawl Examples

    How To Use Crawl in Sentences?

    Crawl can be used as both a noun and a verb in a sentence. When used as a verb, it means to move on hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground. For example, “The baby started to crawl around the living room.”

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    To use crawl as a noun, it refers to a slow method of movement or progress. For instance, “The traffic was at a crawl due to the accident on the highway.”

    When constructing a sentence with crawl, remember to always include a subject (the doer of the action) and a verb (the action word). You can add more details to the sentence by including adjectives (words that describe a noun), adverbs (words that describe a verb), or prepositions (words that show the relationship between a noun and other words in a sentence).

    How To Use Crawl in Sentences

    Try to practice using crawl in different contexts to become more familiar with how it can be incorporated into your writing. Reading examples of sentences with crawl can also help you understand its usage better.

    Overall, using crawl is a simple way to describe a type of movement or speed. By following these guidelines and practicing, you will be able to effectively include crawl in your sentences.


    In summary, sentences with the keyword “crawl” demonstrate various ways to convey movement, action, or progression at a slow and steady pace. Whether describing a toddler learning to crawl, a creepy creature in a horror story crawling towards its prey, or the slow progress of a traffic jam, the word “crawl” effectively captures a sense of deliberate and gradual motion. These sentences invite imagery and evoke emotions ranging from suspense to nostalgia, creating vivid and engaging narratives for readers.

    Through diverse contexts and scenarios, sentences incorporating “crawl” showcase the versatility of language in painting rich scenes and conveying the nuanced rhythm of movement. By using this word strategically, writers can enhance the descriptive power of their storytelling, adding depth and texture to their prose.

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