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CROWD in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Crowd

    sentence with Crowd

    Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a large group of people, all focused on the same thing? This collective mass of individuals is what we refer to as a “crowd.”

    Crowds can be seen in various settings, from busy streets and concerts to sporting events and protests. The dynamic and energy of a crowd can vary greatly, influencing the mood and behavior of those within it.

    7 Examples Of Crowd Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Look at the big crowd at the festival!
    2. The crowd cheered for the cricket team.
    3. We are all part of the happy crowd.
    4. Let’s count how many people are in the crowd.
    5. The crowd waved flags and sang songs.
    6. The crowd clapped and danced together.
    7. Can you spot your family in the crowd?
    Examples Of Crowd Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Crowd Examples

    1. The crowd at the college festival was a sea of colorful clothing and excited chatter.
    2. Trying to navigate through the crowd in the cafeteria during lunchtime can be quite challenging.
    3. The crowd at the football game cheered loudly as the home team scored a touchdown.
    4. Walking through the crowd of students rushing to their classes can feel like being in a marathon.
    5. The crowd at the library during exam week made it difficult to find an empty seat.
    6. Joining the crowd of students at the campus protest was a powerful experience.
    7. The crowd at the music concert swayed and sang along to the band’s popular songs.
    8. Pushing your way through the crowd at the bookstore on the first day of classes is unavoidable.
    9. The crowd of students at the job fair eagerly lined up to speak with recruiters.
    10. The crowd at the college canteen always seemed to be in a rush during lunch hour.
    11. Standing in line with the crowd of students waiting to buy tickets for the drama club’s production was worth the wait.
    12. The crowd at the campus gym in the evenings is a mix of students working out and socializing.
    13. The crowd at the college auditorium erupted into applause after the guest speaker’s inspiring speech.
    14. Being in the crowd at the college sports event created a sense of unity and school spirit among the students.
    Sentences with Crowd Examples

    How To Use Crowd in Sentences?

    Crowd is a noun that refers to a large group of people gathered together for a common purpose. When using crowd in a sentence, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used.

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    To properly use crowd in a sentence, start by identifying the subject or the action involving the group of people. For example, “The excited crowd cheered loudly at the concert” highlights the enthusiastic reaction of a large group of people attending a musical performance.

    In some cases, crowd can also be used as a verb to describe the action of filling or gathering in a place. For instance, “Visitors began to crowd the park as soon as it opened” shows how people started to gather or overcrowd a specific area.

    How To Use Crowd in Sentences

    Remember to pay attention to the singular and plural forms of crowd when constructing your sentence. For instance, “The crowd is excited” refers to a singular group, while “The crowd were dispersing” refers to multiple groups.

    In summary, when using crowd in a sentence, clarify whether you are referring to a large group of people as a noun or the action of gathering closely as a verb. Additionally, consider the singular and plural forms of crowd to accurately convey your message.


    In conclusion, sentences that mention a crowd can describe a large gathering of people in a specific location. Whether it’s a protest, concert, sporting event, or public demonstration, the term “crowd” signifies a multitude of individuals coming together for a common purpose or event. These sentences often highlight the energy, diversity, and size of the crowd, painting a vivid picture of the bustling environment where people gather.

    Furthermore, sentences featuring the word “crowd” can also convey a sense of unity, excitement, or chaos depending on the context in which it is used. They provide a glimpse into the atmosphere and dynamics of a group of individuals in a shared space, showcasing the interactions and emotions that emerge when people assemble in large numbers. Overall, sentences with “crowd” capture the essence of communal experiences and illustrate the impact of collective presence in various settings.

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