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DESCRIBE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Describe

    sentence with Describe

    Do you ever struggle to find the right words to explain or represent something in detail? That’s where the act of “describing” comes into play. To describe means to portray or recount in words the characteristics or qualities of a person, object, or event.

    When you describe something, you are essentially providing a clear and vivid depiction through your choice of words. This skill is crucial in creating a picture in the reader’s mind, whether you are telling a story, providing information, or painting a mental image.

    7 Examples Of Describe Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Describe the color of the sky during the day.
    • Can you describe how a rose smells?
    • Please describe the taste of a ripe mango.
    • Let’s describe the sound of a chirping bird.
    • I want you to describe the shape of a circle.
    • Describe the feeling of running in the rain.
    • Please describe the texture of a smooth pebble.
    Examples Of Describe Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Describe Examples

    • Describe the process of conducting a literature review for your research paper.
    • As a final year student, describe your experience with internships in your chosen field.
    • Can you describe the impact of extracurricular activities on your academic performance?
    • Describe the benefits of joining a student club or organization on campus.
    • How would you describe your time management skills when balancing academics and personal life?
    • Describe the challenges faced by students in adapting to a new academic environment.
    • Please describe the importance of networking for college students seeking career opportunities.
    • Describe the techniques you use for effective note-taking in lectures and seminars.
    • Could you describe the process of preparing for exams in a stressful environment?
    • Describe the significance of mental health awareness among college students in India.
    • Would you be able to describe the strategies you employ for effective group project collaboration?
    • Describe the ways in which college students can stay motivated during challenging times.
    • Can you describe the impact of technology on the learning experience of college students?
    • Before choosing elective courses, it is important to describe how they align with your career goals.
    Sentences with Describe Examples

    How To Use Describe in Sentences?

    Describe is used to explain or illustrate something in detail. To use Describe in a sentence, start by introducing the subject you want to talk about. For example, “Can you describe the movie you watched last night?”

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    Next, provide specific details or characteristics about the subject. You can describe physical appearances, personalities, actions, emotions, or any other aspects that help paint a vivid picture for the reader or listener. For instance, “She described the breathtaking view from the mountaintop.”

    How To Use Describe in Sentences

    Remember to use descriptive language to make your description more engaging. Include sensory details such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch to bring your description to life. For example, “The writer described the feeling of anxiety that consumed her before the important presentation.”

    Lastly, consider the purpose of your description. Are you trying to inform, entertain, persuade, or evoke emotions? Tailor your description accordingly. For instance, “The tour guide described the historical significance of the ancient ruins to the fascinated group of tourists.”

    With practice and attention to detail, using Describe in a sentence will enhance your communication skills and help you effectively convey your message. No matter the subject, mastering the art of description can make your writing or speaking more engaging and memorable.


    In conclusion, utilizing sentences that describe is an effective way to provide detailed explanations and paint a vivid picture for the reader. By using descriptive sentences, writers can enhance the reader’s understanding and create a more engaging experience. For instance, “The serene lake reflected the golden hues of the sunset” vividly describes a peaceful scene, allowing the reader to visualize the setting clearly.

    Furthermore, sentences that vividly describe can evoke emotions, spark imagination, and bring stories to life. They help in capturing the essence of a moment or a character’s traits, making the writing more immersive and compelling. In short, mastering the art of crafting descriptive sentences can greatly enhance the quality and impact of any piece of writing.

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