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ENOUGH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Enough

    sentence with Enough

    Have you ever wondered if you are using “enough” in your sentences correctly? let’s explore this common word that often sparks confusion. “Enough” is an adverb that indicates sufficiency or adequacy in quantity or degree.

    In English grammar, “enough” is used to convey that there is an adequate amount or degree of something. It can modify adjectives, adverbs, and verbs in a sentence to demonstrate that a particular condition or quality has been met satisfactorily. Understanding how to properly use “enough” can enhance the clarity and precision of your writing.

    7 Examples Of Enough Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. You have enough crayons to color your picture.
    2. Make sure you have enough glue to stick the pieces together.
    3. There are enough books for everyone to read in the library.
    4. Do you have enough pencils to do your homework?
    5. Make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables for a healthy body.
    6. Have you had enough water to drink today?
    7. Let’s make sure there is enough space for all our toys to be kept neatly.
    Examples Of Enough Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Enough Examples

    1. There are not *enough copies of the textbook in the library for everyone to borrow.*
    2. I don’t have enough time to finish my assignment before the deadline.
    3. Have you had enough sleep before the exam tomorrow?
    4. I didn’t study enough for the quiz, so I’m worried about my grade.
    5. The cafeteria food is not filling enough to keep me satisfied until dinner.
    6. I need to earn enough money to pay for my hostel fees this semester.
    7. Is there enough space in the auditorium for all the students attending the seminar?
    8. I should have packed enough stationery supplies for my presentation.
    9. I hope the Wi-Fi connection is strong enough for online classes.
    10. Did you get enough notes from the lecture to study for the exam?
    11. I don’t have enough data on my phone plan to stream videos.
    12. There are not enough chairs in the common room for everyone to sit comfortably.
    13. I need to find enough sources for my research paper.
    14. I’ll need to leave enough time to catch the bus to campus for my early morning class.
    Sentences with Enough Examples

    How To Use Enough in Sentences?

    Enough can be used in a sentence to indicate sufficiency or adequacy. It is typically placed before or after an adjective or adverb to convey the idea of meeting a desired level or amount. For beginners, using Enough correctly is quite simple.

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    When adding Enough before an adjective, such as “big” or “fast,” you create a phrase like “big enough” or “fast enough” to show that something meets the required size or speed. For example, “The suitcase was big enough to fit all of my clothes.”

    How To Use Enough in Sentences

    Alternatively, when adding Enough after an adjective, like “strong” or “quickly,” you form a sentence such as “strong enough” or “quickly enough” to denote that a particular quality is adequate. For instance, “She ran quickly enough to catch the bus.”

    Remember that Enough is versatile and can be used in various types of sentences. It can also appear before or after a noun to modify it. For example, “There wasn’t enough time to finish the project” or “I have enough money to buy a new laptop.”

    By incorporating Enough correctly in your sentences, you can clearly express the idea of sufficiency or adequacy. Practicing with different phrases and contexts will help you become more comfortable using Enough accurately in your conversations and writing.


    In writing, sentences with enough play a crucial role in conveying information clearly and effectively. Whether it is providing sufficient details to support an argument, expressing a complete thought, or indicating a satisfactory amount of something, using sentences with enough ensures that the message is understood by the reader.

    By structuring sentences with enough clarity and coherence, writers can avoid ambiguity and ensure that their ideas are communicated accurately. Additionally, using sentences with enough helps in achieving conciseness and precision in writing, making the text more engaging and easier to comprehend for the audience. Overall, mastering the use of sentences with enough is essential for effective communication in various forms of writing.

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