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EXCITED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Excited

    sentence with Excited

    Do you know the feeling of pure joy and eager anticipation? That’s exactly what being excited is all about. Excitement is the powerful emotion that ignites butterflies in your stomach, speeds up your heartbeat, and fills you with enthusiasm.

    When you’re excited, your whole being lights up with positive energy, making you feel ready to take on new challenges and adventures. It’s like a rush of adrenaline that propels you forward, eager to experience something wonderful or unexpected.

    7 Examples Of Excited Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I am excited to play with my friends.
    • Let’s sing and dance, I am excited!
    • Tomorrow is my birthday, I am excited!
    • The teacher said we will have a surprise, I am excited!
    • Excited for our school picnic next week.
    • I am excited to learn something new today.
    • Excited to show my drawing to everyone.
    Examples Of Excited Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Excited Examples

    • I am excited to start my internship at a reputable company.
    • The students were excited about the upcoming college festival.
    • We were all excited to participate in the inter-college sports competition.
    • She was excited to present her research paper at the national conference.
    • The professor’s lecture on artificial intelligence left us all excited for the future of technology.
    • The prospect of studying abroad has him excited about new opportunities.
    • The thought of graduation has made the seniors excited for the next chapter of their lives.
    • She was excited to sign up for a language exchange program to learn a new language.
    • The engineering students were excited to work on a real-world project in collaboration with a industry partner.
    • The entrepreneurial workshop left them excited to start their own business ventures.
    • The upcoming cultural exchange program had the students excited to learn about different traditions and customs.
    • The announcement of a guest lecture by a renowned scientist left everyone excited to attend.
    • The possibility of winning a prestigious scholarship had the students excited to apply.
    • The news of a coding competition with attractive prizes got the computer science students excited to participate.
    Sentences with Excited Examples

    How To Use Excited in Sentences?

    To Excited is to feel a strong emotion of joy, happiness, or anticipation about something. When using “excited” in a sentence, it’s important to convey this feeling clearly. You can use it to express your own emotions or to describe someone else’s feelings.

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    Here are some examples of how to use excited in a sentence:

    1. I am excited to go on vacation next week.
    2. He was excited about the new job opportunity.
    3. She is always excited to try new things.
    4. They were excited to see their favorite band perform live.
    5. The children were excited to open their presents on Christmas morning.

    When you use the word excited, make sure the context of the sentence matches the intensity of the emotion you want to convey. You can also combine it with other words to provide more detail or emphasis, such as “very excited” or “so excited.”

    How To Use Excited in Sentences

    Remember that excited is a positive emotion, so it is best used when talking about things that bring joy or anticipation. Avoid using it in situations where a more neutral or negative emotion would be more appropriate.

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively communicate your feelings of excitement using the word excited.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “excited” demonstrate a range of emotions and contexts where this word can be used. From expressing anticipation and enthusiasm for an upcoming event or news to describing a state of heightened emotions, the word “excited” can convey a sense of positive energy and anticipation. It is a versatile word that can be used to describe a variety of feelings and situations, making it a valuable addition to one’s vocabulary.

    Using “excited” in sentences allows for effective communication of emotions and helps to convey a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness. By incorporating this word into one’s language, one can better express their emotions and share their excitement with others, creating a more engaging and dynamic conversation.

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