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HERE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Here

    sentence with Here

    Are you struggling with constructing sentences that effectively incorporate the phrase “example sentence with ‘here'”? An example sentence showing the proper usage of this phrase can help clarify its meaning. The phrase “example sentence with ‘here'” is commonly used as a way to provide a sample sentence that includes the word “here” in a particular context.

    By including this phrase in your writing, you can effectively demonstrate how to use the word “here” in a sentence. Understanding the structure and purpose of an example sentence with “here” can greatly enhance your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written language. Let’s explore how to craft sentences with precision using the phrase “example sentence with ‘here’.”

    7 Examples Of Here Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Come here to see the beautiful flowers.
    • Let’s play tag here in the playground.
    • Sit here and listen to the story.
    • Look at the birds flying here in the sky.
    • Can you find the cat hiding here?
    • We can have a picnic here under the tree.
    • Dance with me here in the classroom.
    Examples Of Here Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Here Examples

    • Here are some quick study tips for your upcoming exams.
    • Make sure to check for important announcements here on the college notice board.
    • Don’t forget to submit your assignment online before the deadline here on the portal.
    • Here is a list of recommended books for your course that you can find in the library.
    • You can find all the details about the upcoming college fest here on the official website.
    • Here are some budget-friendly eating options near the campus.
    • Make sure to attend the workshop on time, the location is here in the seminar hall.
    • Need help with your resume? Reach out to the career guidance center here near the administration office.
    • Here is a list of extracurricular activities you can participate in to enhance your skills.
    • The timetable for the next semester is out, check it here on the college website.
    • Need a break from studying? Head to the student lounge here near the canteen.
    • Here is a list of important contact numbers for emergency situations or general queries.
    • Remember to renew your library books by the due date, you can do it here at the circulation desk.
    • Don’t miss out on the deadline for applying to internships. Check the details here on the placement portal.
    Sentences with Here Examples

    How To Use Here in Sentences?

    To use Here in a sentence, you can start by referring to a specific location or point in time. For example, you can say, “I am here at the park,” to indicate your current location. You can also use here to emphasize a particular position in a conversation or provide direction.

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    When using here to refer to a position in space, make sure to use it in relation to the speaker or writer. For instance, “The keys are here on the table,” helps specify the location of the keys in relation to the table.

    In a sentence, here can also be utilized to introduce a topic or transition to a new point in a discussion. For instance, “Let’s focus on the task at hand. Here, we need to brainstorm some ideas.” This helps draw attention to the upcoming discussion point.

    How To Use Here in Sentences

    Moreover, here can be used to show a time or point in a speech or writing. An example would be, “I have lived in this city for ten years. Here, I have made many friends and memories.” This helps add clarity and structure to your communication.

    Remember, using here effectively in a sentence can enhance your message and help your audience better understand the context of your words.


    In conclusion, the collection of sentences with the keyword “here” demonstrates its versatile use in guiding or specifying location, indicating presence, or referring to a particular point in discourse. Whether used to draw attention to a specific place or moment, to establish a sense of immediacy, or to highlight relevance, the word “here” serves as a valuable tool for directing focus and clarifying context within sentences.

    By incorporating “here” into sentences, writers can effectively orient readers, create a sense of proximity, or highlight key information. This word’s simplicity and clarity make it a useful linguistic device for enhancing coherence and structure within written or spoken communication, providing a clear point of reference that aids in understanding and interpretation.

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