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KING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use King

    sentence with King

    Have you ever wondered how to use the word “king” in a sentence? When discussing royalty or leadership, “king” serves as a powerful and iconic term. This word typically refers to a male monarch who rules over a kingdom.

    When constructing a sentence with “king,” it is essential to consider the context and ensure that the usage is appropriate. Whether depicting a fairytale monarch, historical ruler, or even a metaphorical figure of authority, the word “king” holds significant weight and symbolism in the English language.

    7 Examples Of King Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The king ruled the kingdom with fairness.
    • The king wore a shiny crown on his head.
    • The king lived in a grand palace.
    • The king had a loyal army of knights.
    • The king loved to ride on his royal horse.
    • The king was known for his wise decisions.
    • The king was loved by all the people in his kingdom.
    Examples Of King Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with King Examples

    1. The king of the hill is the team with the highest number of points.
    2. Studying consistently is the king when it comes to acing exams.
    3. Time management is the king skill to master in college.
    4. The library is considered the king of resources for research and studying.
    5. Finding a balance between social life and academics is key to feeling like a king in college.
    6. The cafeteria’s biryani is known as the king of all dishes among students.
    7. Getting enough sleep is the king of self-care practices for college students.
    8. Joining a study group can be the king of strategies for understanding complex topics.
    9. The student council elections are where aspiring leaders vie for the title of king or queen of the campus.
    10. Swimming in the college pool, the butterfly stroke can feel like the king of all swimming strokes.
    11. The upcoming inter-college sports competition is where the reigning king and queens will defend their titles.
    12. Balancing a part-time job with classes can make time management feel like the king of challenges.
    13. In the debate competition, the student known for their eloquence is often considered the king or queen of rhetoric.
    14. Finding the perfect study spot in the library can make you feel like the king of productivity.
    Sentences with King Examples

    How To Use King in Sentences?

    To use the word “King” in a sentence, you can follow these simple guidelines. The word “King” is typically used as a noun to refer to a male monarch or ruler of a kingdom. Here’s how you can incorporate it into a sentence:

    1. Subject: Start by identifying who or what is the King in your sentence. For example, “The King of the land” or “The King ruled with wisdom.”
    2. Verb: Use an appropriate verb that describes the actions of the King. For instance, “The King conquered the enemy” or “The King commanded his army.”
    3. Object: Add an object to complete the sentence and provide more context. For example, “The King wore a crown” or “The King visited the neighboring kingdom.”
    4. Context: Consider the context of your sentence to ensure it makes sense. For instance, “The King attended a royal banquet” provides more detail than just saying “The King.”
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    Remember to always capitalize the word “King” when referring to a specific monarch or ruler. By following these simple steps, you can effectively incorporate the word “King” into your sentences with ease.

    How To Use King in Sentences


    In conclusion, the examples provided showcase the versatility and significance of sentences featuring the keyword “king.” From historical references to fictional tales, these sentences emphasize the authority, power, and prominence associated with kings. Whether it’s describing the reign of a monarch, detailing a royal proclamation, or depicting a royal court, the word “king” adds a regal and majestic touch to any sentence.

    Overall, sentences with the keyword “king” evoke a sense of royalty and grandeur, transporting readers to a world of crowns, kingdoms, and noble leadership. They capture the essence of monarchy and convey a deep-seated admiration for the rulers who have shaped history and myths alike.