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LOOK in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Look

    sentence with Look

    Have you ever struggled to find the right words to describe what you see? That’s where the term “look” comes into play.

    “Look” is a versatile verb that is commonly used to express the act of directing one’s gaze towards something. It can convey a wide range of meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

    7 Examples Of Look Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Look at the colorful balloons in the sky!
    2. Look at the funny little puppy playing in the garden.
    3. Look at the big yellow sun shining brightly.
    4. Look at the pretty flowers blooming in the garden.
    5. Look at the cute kitten sleeping on the cozy blanket.
    6. Look at the big green tree swaying in the wind.
    7. Look at the shiny stars twinkling in the night sky.
    Examples Of Look Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Look Examples

    • Look at the timetable for your class schedule.
    • Look into different internship opportunities available.
    • Look for study groups to join for better understanding.
    • Look up online resources for research materials.
    • Look at the syllabus to prepare for upcoming exams.
    • Look around for affordable housing options near campus.
    • Look for part-time job listings for extra income.
    • Look after your health by eating nutritious meals.
    • Look out for club events to meet new people.
    • Look into joining a sports team for physical activity.
    • Look at the library catalog for necessary books.
    • Look for scholarships and grants to help with tuition fees.
    • Look up career guidance resources for future planning.
    • Look for volunteering opportunities to give back to the community.
    Sentences with Look Examples

    How To Use Look in Sentences?

    Look can be used in a sentence in several different ways.

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    The main usage of look is to describe the action of visually perceiving something. For example, “She looked out the window and saw a bird flying by.”

    Another common use of look is to express appearance or an overall impression of someone or something. For instance, “The new restaurant looks very nice and cozy.”

    You can also use look to describe the direction of someone’s gaze. For instance, “Please look at the board to see the instructions.”

    How To Use Look in Sentences

    In addition, look can be used to indicate a facial expression or manner of someone. For example, “He had a worried look on his face.”

    Furthermore, look can be used to refer to the act of searching for something. For example, “Could you help me look for my keys?”

    Lastly, look can be used in an imperative form to express a command or suggestion. For instance, “Hey, look over there! I think I see your friend.”

    By understanding these various ways to use look in a sentence, you can effectively communicate and express yourself in English. Experiment with incorporating look into your conversations to enhance your language skills.


    In conclusion, the variety of sentences showcasing the versatile use of the keyword “look” demonstrates its flexibility in expressing a wide range of actions and emotions. From describing physical appearances and observing surroundings to conveying curiosity or contemplation, “look” serves as a foundational element in constructing meaningful and descriptive statements.

    Through examining different contexts in which “look” is utilized, it becomes evident that this simple yet powerful word can significantly enhance the clarity and depth of written communication. Whether used to depict visual perceptions, suggest a certain demeanor, or evoke a specific mood, “look” remains a fundamental component of effective sentence structure, enabling writers to effectively convey their intended messages.

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