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MOIL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Moil

    Sentence with Moil

    Have you ever felt like you were toiling endlessly or laboring in a state of constant struggle? The word that encapsulates this feeling is “moil.” To moil is to work hard and strenuously, often with little respite or reward.

    Whether it’s dealing with a demanding job, navigating a challenging relationship, or facing obstacles in pursuit of a goal, we’ve all experienced moments of moil in our lives. This term encompasses the relentless effort and energy exerted in the face of adversity or difficulty, reflecting the persistent nature of human resilience and determination.

    7 Examples Of Moil Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Moil means to work hard.
    2. We moil when we clean our room.
    3. Farmers moil in the fields to grow crops.
    4. Let’s not be afraid to moil and achieve our goals.
    5. We should all learn to moil with a smile.
    6. Tigers moil when they hunt for food.
    7. Remember, even ants moil to find food for their colony.

    14 Sentences with Moil Examples

    1. Moil is an essential part of the process of extracting minerals in mining engineering.
    2. College students often have to moil through their textbooks to prepare for exams.
    3. Understanding the concepts can sometimes feel like a tedious moil for students studying complex subjects.
    4. Practical experiments in the chemistry lab can involve a lot of moil and effort.
    5. Aspiring mechanical engineers may have to moil through intricate designs and blueprints.
    6. Internships and project work can require students to moil through real-world challenges.
    7. Learning a new programming language can be a challenging moil for computer science students.
    8. The process of conducting surveys and collecting data can be a time-consuming moil for students of economics.
    9. Juggling multiple assignments and deadlines can lead to students feeling overwhelmed by the moil of academic life.
    10. Joining extracurricular activities can add another layer of moil to a student’s already busy schedule.
    11. For architecture students, creating detailed models can involve a meticulous moil of measuring and precision.
    12. The process of editing and revising drafts can be a frustrating moil for students working on research papers.
    13. When preparing for campus placements, students may have to moil through numerous practice interviews.
    14. Balancing social life along with academic responsibilities can lead to a constant moil of priorities for college students.
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    How To Use Moil in Sentences?

    Moil can be used as a verb in a sentence to describe someone working hard or laboring in a tiring or tedious manner. Here is a simple guide on how to incorporate Moil into your sentences as a beginner:

    • Subject + Moil + Direct Object: “The workers moil in the fields all day under the scorching sun.”
    • Subject + Moil + Adverbial phrase: “She tirelessly moils away in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals for her family.”
    • Subject + Moil + Prepositional phrase: “The students moil over their textbooks late into the night to prepare for their exams.”
    • Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Moil + Main Verb: “They have been moiling for hours to complete the project on time.”

    Remember, Moil is typically used in the context of hard work or difficult labor, so make sure to use it in appropriate situations where you want to emphasize the effort or toil involved. Practice using Moil in different sentence structures to become more comfortable incorporating it into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “moil” demonstrate the importance of hard work and effort in various tasks. Whether it is describing the toiling of miners or the diligent work in a garden, these sentences highlight the laborious and often challenging nature of certain activities. Through phrases like “moil and toil”, “trying hard to moil the soil”, or “a day of moiling in the mines”, the keyword “moil” conveys the idea of strenuous work and determination needed to achieve desired outcomes.

    Overall, sentences with “moil” serve as a reminder that success often requires persistence and dedication. They emphasize the value of putting in hard work and effort, whether in physical labor or mental endeavors, in order to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. By encapsulating the essence of industriousness, these sentences with “moil” encourage a mindset of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges.

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