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MOLLYCODDLE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mollycoddle

    Sentence with Mollycoddle

    Have you ever heard the term “mollycoddle” and wondered what it means? Essentially, to mollycoddle someone is to excessively pamper or indulge them, often to the point of being overprotective. This word is commonly used to describe someone who is coddled or spoiled.

    When you mollycoddle someone, you are treating them with excessive care and attention, shielding them from any difficulties or challenges they may face. This can sometimes hinder their growth or development, as they may become too reliant on others to solve their problems.

    7 Examples Of Mollycoddle Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Mollycoddle means to pamper someone a lot.
    2. Don’t always mollycoddle your little sister, let her learn some things on her own.
    3. It’s nice to show love and care, but don’t always mollycoddle others.
    4. If you mollycoddle someone too much, they might not be able to do things by themselves.
    5. Parents often mollycoddle their children because they love them so much.
    6. It’s important to find a balance between caring for someone and not mollycoddling them too much.
    7. When you mollycoddle your friends, they may start expecting you to do everything for them.

    14 Sentences with Mollycoddle Examples

    1. Mollycoddle your friends when they are feeling overwhelmed with assignments and projects.
    2. Don’t mollycoddle yourself by skipping classes just because it’s raining outside.
    3. It’s important for parents to know when to mollycoddle their children and when to encourage independence in college.
    4. Sometimes professors can mollycoddle students by giving too much leniency with deadlines.
    5. Avoid the temptation to mollycoddle your roommate by doing their share of chores for them.
    6. Asking for extensions on assignments should not be a regular habit, as it can lead to a tendency to mollycoddle oneself.
    7. It’s okay to seek help when needed, but try not to rely on others to constantly mollycoddle you through tough times.
    8. College is a time to grow and learn independence, so try not to mollycoddle yourself too much.
    9. It’s important for students to find a balance between self-care and not mollycoddling themselves too much.
    10. Professors should challenge their students with tough assignments, rather than mollycoddling them with easy tasks.
    11. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in college and avoid the urge to have others mollycoddle you.
    12. Learning to manage your time effectively is crucial in college to avoid the need to mollycoddle yourself.
    13. Encourage a healthy sense of independence in your friends by not constantly mollycoddling them in every situation.
    14. Taking risks and facing challenges head-on is a crucial part of personal growth in college, so avoid the habit of constantly mollycoddling yourself.
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    How To Use Mollycoddle in Sentences?

    To use the word Mollycoddle in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Understand the meaning of Mollycoddle. The word Mollycoddle means to treat someone with an excessive amount of kindness and attention, often in a way that is seen as overprotective or indulgent.

    2. Think of a scenario where someone is being overly protective or pampering towards another person. For example, “She tends to mollycoddle her son, making sure he never faces any challenges or difficulties.”

    3. When constructing your sentence, make sure to place the word Mollycoddle in a position that makes sense based on the context of your sentence. For instance, “The team manager would often mollycoddle the star player, making exceptions for his behavior and performance.”

    4. Remember to use proper grammar and punctuation in your sentence. Consider varying the sentence structure or adding more descriptive details to make it more engaging.

    5. Practice using the word Mollycoddle in different sentences to become more comfortable with its usage. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to incorporate the word into your vocabulary.


    Overall, the concept of mollycoddling involves excessively pampering or indulging someone, often resulting in their inability to cope with challenges or responsibilities. This overprotective behavior can hinder personal growth and development by fostering dependency rather than self-sufficiency. Examples of mollycoddling can be seen in sentences like “Her parents mollycoddled her so much that she struggles to make decisions on her own” or “Being mollycoddled throughout his childhood, he was ill-prepared for the realities of adulthood.”

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    It’s important to strike a balance in nurturing and supporting others without mollycoddling them excessively. Encouraging independence, resilience, and problem-solving skills can foster healthy development and prepare individuals to face life’s challenges with confidence and adaptability. Learning to provide support without overprotecting is key to promoting personal growth and self-reliance in others.