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MOLTEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Molten

    Sentence with Molten

    Have you ever wondered what the word “molten” really means? In simple terms, it represents something that has been heated to a high temperature until it becomes liquid.

    Imagine a substance like metal or rock being heated to the point where it transforms into a hot, flowing liquid – that’s when it is considered molten. This process of heating to the point of liquefaction is what defines the state of being molten.

    7 Examples Of Molten Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The molten lava flowed from the volcano.
    2. The blacksmith worked with molten metal.
    3. The sun turned the sand into molten glass.
    4. The chocolate became molten after being in the microwave.
    5. The candle wax was molten and hot.
    6. The campfire made the marshmallows molten.
    7. The scientist studied the properties of molten rock.

    14 Sentences with Molten Examples

    1. The molten lava flowed down the side of the volcano, creating a mesmerizing sight for the geology students.
    2. The blacksmith demonstrated how to work with molten metal in the workshop, sparking the interest of the engineering students.
    3. The chemistry lab was filled with the smell of molten sulfur as the students conducted their experiments.
    4. The art students marveled at the molten glass being shaped into intricate designs in the glassblowing studio.
    5. The physics students observed the process of transforming molten iron into steel at the metallurgy factory.
    6. The culinary students carefully poured the molten chocolate into molds to create delicious truffles.
    7. The architecture students studied the use of molten glass in modern building designs during their field trip.
    8. The engineering students were tasked with designing a cooling system to handle molten metal in a foundry.
    9. The fashion design students experimented with using molten wax to create unique textures on their fabric samples.
    10. The environmental science students learned about the impact of molten lava on ecosystems near active volcanoes.
    11. The astronomy students observed a meteorite entering Earth’s atmosphere, leaving a trail of molten rock behind.
    12. The history students studied ancient civilizations known for their mastery of working with molten bronze.
    13. The computer science students simulated the behavior of molten metal in their virtual reality game project.
    14. The botany students researched plants that have adapted to thrive in soil rich in molten minerals from volcanic eruptions.
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    How To Use Molten in Sentences?

    To use “Molten” in a sentence, beginners can follow these simple steps. First, identify the context in which you want to use the word “Molten.” Molten is an adjective that describes something in a liquefied or glowing state due to extreme heat.

    Next, think of a noun that you can pair with Molten to create a complete sentence. For example, you could say, “The blacksmith poured the molten metal into the mold to create a new sword.” In this sentence, “molten” is used to describe the state of the metal before it solidifies.

    Alternatively, you could use Molten to describe a natural phenomenon, such as a volcano. For instance, you could say, “The molten lava spewed from the volcano’s crater, causing widespread destruction.” Here, “molten” is used to describe the lava’s state as it flows from the volcano.

    Remember to place Molten before the noun it is describing to ensure your sentence is grammatically correct. With practice, you will become more comfortable incorporating Molten into your writing and speech. Experiment with different contexts and nouns to enhance your understanding and usage of the word.


    In conclusion, molten substances refer to materials that are in a liquid state due to high temperatures. Various examples of sentences with “molten” have showcased its usage in describing liquids like lava, metal, or glass that are extremely hot and flowing. The term highlights the transformative nature of heat on materials, turning solids into liquids that can be molded or shaped before solidifying again upon cooling.

    Understanding the concept of molten substances is essential in fields like geology, metallurgy, and glass manufacturing, where materials are heated to high temperatures for processing. By recognizing how heat can change the physical state of materials to molten form, scientists and industries can utilize this property for various applications, such as shaping metals, creating volcanic rocks, or forming glassware.

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