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MONOMANIA in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monomania

    Sentence with Monomania

    Have you ever become completely fixated on a single idea or subject to the point where it consumes your thoughts and actions? This intense focus on a singular topic is known as monomania, a psychological term used to describe an obsession or preoccupation with one particular idea.

    Monomania can manifest in various forms, leading individuals to obsessively dwell on a specific concept, belief, or goal. Whether it be an all-consuming passion for a hobby, an overwhelming fear of a particular scenario, or an extreme dedication to a cause, monomania can significantly impact an individual’s behavior and mindset.

    7 Examples Of Monomania Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Monomania is when someone really likes doing one thing over and over.
    2. Some people have monomania for collecting stamps or coins.
    3. Monomania can be fun but it’s important to try new things too.
    4. It’s okay to have a favorite activity, just remember to balance it with other things.
    5. If you have monomania for drawing, try painting or coloring too.
    6. Monomania makes us experts at our favorite thing.
    7. Remember to share your monomania with others and learn about their interests too.

    14 Sentences with Monomania Examples

    1. Studying for hours on end for exams has turned into a monomania for me.

    2. 2.

    His monomania for perfect grades often leads to burnout and high levels of stress.

    1. The pressure to excel in multiple extracurricular activities can sometimes foster a monomania for competitiveness among college students.

    2. 4.

    Her monomania for securing a job with a high salary after graduation is evident in her meticulous career planning.

    1. The constant pursuit of internships and work experience has fueled a monomania for building an impressive resume among college students.

    2. 6.

    The culture of comparison on social media platforms can exacerbate feelings of monomania for popularity and likes.

    1. The quest for recognition and awards in various academic fields can lead to a monomania for achievements among college students.

    2. 8.

    The fear of missing out on networking opportunities may drive some students into a monomania for attending every college event.

    1. The pressure to conform to societal expectations of success can create a monomania for following a traditional career path.

    2. 10.

    The obsession with maintaining a certain image online can cultivate a monomania for seeking validation from others.

    1. Balancing academics, social life, and personal development can sometimes trigger a monomania for finding the perfect equilibrium.

    2. 12.

    The pursuit of joining prestigious clubs and organizations can foster a monomania for recognition and status among college students.

    1. The fear of failure may drive some students into a monomania for perfection in all aspects of their college experience.

    2. 14.

    Navigating the demands of college life and future aspirations can ignite a monomania for finding purpose and direction in one’s academic journey.

    How To Use Monomania in Sentences?

    To use Monomania in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Understand the meaning: Monomania refers to an excessive concentration on a single object or idea. It can also describe an obsession with a particular subject or activity.

    2. Identify the context: Think of a situation where someone is overly fixated on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.

    3. Incorporate it into your sentence: For example, “Her monomania for her career led her to neglect her personal relationships.”

    4. Remember to provide context: It helps to explain the consequences of the monomania and how it affects the person or situation.

    5. Practice using it in different ways: Experiment with using monomania in various contexts to become comfortable with incorporating it into your vocabulary.

    6. Expand your understanding: Look for examples in books, articles, or movies to see how monomania is used in different contexts.

    7. Seek feedback: Ask someone to review your sentence with monomania to ensure you are using it correctly.

    In summary, incorporating Monomania into your vocabulary can enhance your ability to express ideas of excessive fixation or obsession in a clear and concise manner. Practice using it in different contexts to become more comfortable with its usage.


    In conclusion, the prevalence of sentences with monomania in literature reflects a common theme of obsessive focus in characters. From classic works like “Moby Dick” to modern novels like “Fight Club,” monomania is a powerful narrative tool used to explore the depths of human psychology and the consequences of unchecked fixation. These sentences illuminate the intensity and single-mindedness that drive characters to their breaking points, showcasing the destructive power of obsession.

    Whether it’s Captain Ahab’s relentless pursuit of the white whale or Tyler Durden’s anarchic mission to disrupt society, sentences with monomania captivate readers by delving into the complexities of the human mind. Through these literary examples, we gain insight into the profound impact that singular, all-consuming obsessions can have on individuals, leading to both captivating storytelling and deeper explorations of the human condition.

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