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MONOPOLIZE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monopolize

    Sentence with Monopolize

    Have you ever wondered what it means to monopolize something? Monopolize simply refers to the act of gaining exclusive control or possession of something, usually a market or industry.

    When a company or entity monopolizes a market, it essentially eliminates competition and becomes the sole provider of a particular product or service. This can lead to higher prices for consumers and limited choices in the marketplace.

    7 Examples Of Monopolize Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • My friend wanted to monopolize all the toys.
    • The big brother did not let his sister monopolize the swing.
    • The greedy squirrel tried to monopolize all the nuts.
    • The queen bee likes to monopolize the best flowers.
    • The boss didn’t want one person to monopolize all the snacks.
    • The sneaky fox tried to monopolize the entire playground.
    • The clever cat planned to monopolize all the cozy spots.

    14 Sentences with Monopolize Examples

    1. Monopolize the study room during exams to ensure you have a quiet and focused environment.
    2. College clubs should not monopolize campus resources, but should share them for the benefit of all students.
    3. It’s important not to let one subject monopolize all your study time; balance is key.
    4. Group projects should be a collaborative effort, with no one student trying to monopolize the work.
    5. Don’t let one professor’s assignments monopolize your time, make sure to manage your workload effectively.
    6. It’s unfair for one student to monopolize the attention of the professor during office hours; everyone deserves a chance.
    7. Try not to let one extracurricular activity monopolize all your free time, remember to have a balanced lifestyle.
    8. Don’t let social media monopolize your attention during study sessions, stay focused on your work.
    9. It’s important for all students to have access to resources in the library; no one group should try to monopolize them.
    10. In group discussions, make sure no one person tries to monopolize the conversation, everyone’s input is valuable.
    11. It’s not fair for one student to monopolize the attention of the guest lecturer; respect everyone’s opportunity to ask questions.
    12. During presentations, make sure each group member has a chance to speak and not let one person monopolize the presentation.
    13. When planning college events, ensure no one organization tries to monopolize the decision-making process, involve everyone.
    14. It’s important to have a variety of study spaces available on campus so that one area doesn’t monopolize all the students.
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    How To Use Monopolize in Sentences?

    To monopolize means to dominate or have exclusive control over something. To use monopolize in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Identify the main subject or item you want to refer to as being monopolized. For example, it could be a market, industry, resource, or service.

    2. Think of a situation where one entity or person has gained total control over that subject. This could mean that they have the majority share, the highest market share, or are the only ones providing that particular service.

    3. Write your sentence using monopolize in a way that clearly communicates the idea of exclusive control or domination. For example: “The company was able to monopolize the software market by offering unique features that no competitors could match.”

    4. As you structure your sentence, ensure that it makes sense and accurately conveys the concept of monopolization. Be clear and concise in your wording to avoid any confusion.

    5. Take a moment to read the sentence aloud to make sure it flows well and effectively communicates the idea of monopolization.

    By following these steps, you can easily incorporate monopolize into your writing to convey the idea of one entity having exclusive control over a specific subject.


    In conclusion, monopolizing market power can severely limit competition, stifle innovation, and harm consumers by leading to higher prices and reduced choices. Companies that monopolize a market can dictate terms, eliminate rivals, and control prices, ultimately reducing overall economic efficiency and consumer welfare. By dominating an industry, these companies can impede fair competition and hinder the development of new products and services.

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    To prevent the negative consequences of market monopolization, it is crucial for governments to enforce antitrust laws, promote competition, and ensure a level playing field for all players. By encouraging a competitive marketplace, consumers can benefit from lower prices, increased innovation, and a wider range of choices, ultimately leading to a healthier and more dynamic economy.