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MONOPOLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monopoly

    Sentence with Monopoly

    Have you ever wondered what a monopoly is and how it can impact markets? A monopoly occurs when a single company or entity dominates the market for a specific product or service, resulting in limited competition.

    This control over the market allows the monopoly to dictate prices, restrict supply, and stifle innovation. Understanding how monopolies function is crucial in analyzing market dynamics and ensuring fair competition for consumers and businesses alike.

    7 Examples Of Monopoly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Monopoly is a game where one player can own lots of things.
    • In a game of monopoly, you can buy properties and build houses.
    • The goal of monopoly is to make lots of money and be the richest player.
    • When you have a monopoly, you can control everything in the game.
    • Some people like to play monopoly with their friends and family.
    • Monopoly teaches us how to manage money and make good choices.
    • It’s fun to win in monopoly and have all the properties to yourself.

    14 Sentences with Monopoly Examples

    1. Playing monopoly with friends is a fun way to unwind after a busy day at college.
    2. Some students think the textbook market operates like a monopoly, with prices constantly on the rise.
    3. During exam season, owning the only color printer in the dorm feels like having a monopoly on study resources.
    4. The local tea shop near campus has a monopoly on affordable snacks for students.
    5. Splitting the cost of groceries can help prevent one roommate from having a monopoly on the kitchen supplies.
    6. The popular food delivery app in the area seems to have a monopoly on late-night munchies.
    7. Student organizations often face criticisms for maintaining a monopoly on leadership positions within the college.
    8. With only one fast food joint in walking distance from campus, they have a monopoly on student convenience.
    9. Some students have complained that the college bookstore has a monopoly on required course materials.
    10. The local internet provider’s monopoly on high-speed connections leaves students with limited affordable options.
    11. Participating in a fundraiser to support a cause can help break the monopoly of apathy among college students.
    12. Attending different workshops and seminars can help break the monopoly of ignorance that plagues some students.
    13. Breaking the monopoly of a fixed mindset can lead to greater creativity and innovation among college students.
    14. Building a strong network of connections can help break the monopoly that certain individuals have on opportunities within the college.
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    How To Use Monopoly in Sentences?

    To use the word “Monopoly” in a sentence, think of it as a game or as a concept. In a sentence, Monopoly can be used both as a proper noun referring to the popular board game or as a common noun meaning exclusive control over a commodity or service. Here are examples of how to properly use “Monopoly” in a sentence:

    • Example with the board game Monopoly: “Let’s play a game of Monopoly with my friends this weekend.”

    • Example with exclusive control: “The company has a monopoly on the production of that specific type of smartphone.”

    When writing a sentence using the word “Monopoly,” make sure it is fitting within the context you are discussing. Whether it’s about playing a fun game with friends or describing a company’s dominance in a market, the word Monopoly should enhance your message. Remember that when capitalized, “Monopoly” refers to the board game, and when written in lowercase, “monopoly” signifies the control of market supply by a single producer. By understanding the two meanings and contexts, you can effectively incorporate Monopoly into your sentences with ease.


    In conclusion, “sentences with monopoly” refer to the use of the term “monopoly” in a variety of contexts to describe exclusive control or domination over a particular market, industry, or resource. These sentences illustrate the negative effects of monopolistic practices, such as limited competition, higher prices, and reduced innovation, ultimately disadvantaging consumers and the economy. Examples of sentences with monopoly highlight the importance of fair competition, regulations, and antitrust measures to prevent monopolies from hindering market dynamics and stifling growth.

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    By examining sentences featuring the word “monopoly,” we can better understand its impact on different sectors and the need for a level playing field to ensure a healthy and competitive marketplace. Recognizing the dangers of monopolistic control underscores the significance of promoting diversity, innovation, and consumer choice in fostering a thriving economy that benefits all stakeholders.