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MORE AND MORE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use More And More

    Sentence with More And More

    In modern communication, the phrase “more and more” is frequently used to indicate an increasing trend or growing prevalence of a certain occurrence or behavior. The term often serves as a precursor to a statement that highlights a rising frequency or intensity of a particular phenomenon.

    As language evolves, the utilization of “more and more” has become a common way to underscore a noticeable uptick or expansion in various aspects of society, ranging from technological advancements to social trends. Its versatility allows speakers and writers to succinctly convey the idea of continuous growth or progression in a straightforward manner.

    7 Examples Of More And More Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. More and more birds flew in the sky.
    2. I ate more and more fruits for snacks.
    3. The flowers in the garden bloomed more and more each day.
    4. More and more students joined the playground game.
    5. The sun shone more and more brightly as the day went on.
    6. I drank more and more water to stay hydrated.
    7. The baby smiled more and more as she played with her toys.

    14 Sentences with More And More Examples

    • More and more students are opting for online classes to save time and commute expenses.
    • With the increase in competition, college students are seeking more and more opportunities for internships to gain experience.
    • More and more students are turning to online resources for additional study materials and tutorials.
    • College libraries are witnessing more and more students borrowing books to prepare for exams.
    • More and more students are taking up part-time jobs to cover their expenses and gain practical experience.
    • As exams approach, students are spending more and more time in the library to study and revise.
    • With the rise in awareness about mental health, more and more students are availing counseling services at college.
    • The demand for extracurricular activities is increasing, with more and more students joining clubs and societies.
    • More and more students are considering studying abroad for a diverse learning experience.
    • The usage of educational apps is on the rise, with more and more students relying on them for better understanding of concepts.
    • More and more students are engaging in group study sessions to enhance their learning outcomes.
    • To manage stress and improve well-being, more and more students are practicing yoga and meditation.
    • The trend of attending workshops and seminars is growing, with more and more students looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.
    • As technology advances, more and more students are opting for online certification courses to stay relevant in the job market.
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    How To Use More And More in Sentences?

    More And More is a phrase used to emphasize an increasing or growing quantity or degree of something.

    Beginners can easily incorporate More And More into their sentences by following these simple steps:

    1. Identify a subject or action that is increasing in quantity or intensity.
    2. Introduce More And More into the sentence at an appropriate point to emphasize the growth or escalation.
    3. Ensure that the word “more” is used before and after the word “and” to convey the idea of continuous growth or increase.

    For example:
    – I find myself enjoying reading more and more each day.
    – She is becoming more and more confident in her abilities.
    More and more people are becoming interested in sustainable living practices.

    By following these guidelines, beginners can effectively convey the idea of a continuous increase or growth in their sentences using the phrase More And More. This will help them communicate their thoughts and ideas more clearly and assertively.


    In conclusion, the use of “more and more” in sentences serves to convey a sense of increasing quantity or frequency over time. By using this phrase, writers can emphasize a gradual progression or growth in a particular trend or phenomenon. For example, “The company is gaining more and more customers each day” highlights the continuous rise in clientele.

    Additionally, “more and more” can also be utilized to demonstrate a comparison between two increasing factors. Through these sentences, readers can easily grasp the idea of a continuous escalation in a specific aspect. Employing “more and more” effectively adds clarity and emphasis to written content, making it a valuable tool for communicating incremental changes or developments.

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