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MORTALLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mortally

    Sentence with Mortally

    Have you ever come across a sentence that left you emotionally shaken? Enter the world of “mortally” – a word that packs a powerful punch. When something is described as “mortally,” it signifies a situation or condition that is life-threatening or fatal.

    This word is commonly used in literature or legal contexts to emphasize the severity of an inflicted harm. It conveys a sense of grave seriousness and impending danger. Let’s explore how this word can elevate the intensity of any sentence and evoke a visceral reaction from the reader.

    7 Examples Of Mortally Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The villain was mortally wounded in the battle.
    • The princess was mortally afraid of the dark.
    • The hero was mortally wounded but saved by a magic potion.
    • The witch’s curse was said to be mortally dangerous.
    • The dragon’s breath was mortally hot.
    • The magical spell was mortally powerful.
    • The knight faced a mortally dangerous beast in the enchanted forest.

    14 Sentences with Mortally Examples

    • Mortally tired, the college students struggled to stay awake during the late-night study session.
    • The deadline for the project was approaching, and the students knew they were mortally unprepared.
    • After pulling an all-nighter, the students felt mortally exhausted the next day in class.
    • The thought of failing the exam was mortally terrifying to the students.
    • The students were mortally embarrassed when they realized they had forgotten about the group presentation.
    • Mortally afraid of public speaking, the students hesitated to participate in the debate competition.
    • The difficult assignment left the students feeling mortally stressed about their grades.
    • Feeling mortally overwhelmed with responsibilities, the students sought help from their professors.
    • The students knew they were mortally unprepared for the upcoming surprise quiz.
    • The fear of being judged by their peers mortally paralyzed the students from expressing their opinions.
    • They were mortally disappointed when their research paper was rejected due to plagiarism.
    • The pressure to excel in academics left the students feeling mortally anxious.
    • The students were mortally embarrassed when they realized they had mispronounced a word during the presentation.
    • The sudden increase in workload left the students feeling mortally inadequate.
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    How To Use Mortally in Sentences?

    To use “Mortally” in a sentence, it is crucial to understand its meaning and how it functions in a sentence. “Mortally” is an adverb that means in a fatal or deadly manner.

    Here is an example of how to correctly use “Mortally” in a sentence: “The soldier was mortally wounded in the battle and did not survive.” In this sentence, “mortally” emphasizes the severity of the soldier’s injuries, indicating that they were fatal.

    Another example could be: “The doctor explained that the patient was mortally ill and needed immediate medical attention.” Here, “mortally” conveys the seriousness of the patient’s condition, suggesting that it is life-threatening.

    When using “Mortally” in a sentence, remember to place it before the verb it is modifying to accurately convey the sense of fatality or severity. Additionally, be mindful of the context in which you are using the word to ensure that it fits appropriately within the sentence. With practice and a good understanding of its meaning, you can effectively use “Mortally” to add depth and intensity to your writing.


    In essence, the phrase “sentences with mortally” showcases the finality and gravity associated with situations where harm or death is imminent. These sentences evoke a sense of finality and inevitability, emphasizing the irrevocable nature of certain actions or consequences. Whether describing a character facing a mortal threat or the outcome of a dangerous decision, sentences containing “mortally” serve as powerful reminders of the fragility and mortality inherent in life.

    Through these examples, it becomes clear that the use of “mortally” adds a sense of seriousness and severity to the narrative, eliciting emotions of fear, urgency, or sorrow. These sentences effectively convey the high stakes involved when lives are on the line, leaving readers with a profound understanding of the dire circumstances at hand.

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