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MOTORISED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Motorised

    Sentence with Motorised

    Ever wondered about the convenience and efficiency of adding power to everyday tasks? When an object, equipment, or vehicle is fitted with an engine or motor for propulsion or operation, it becomes motorised. This popular adaptation is widely used across various industries and practices for enhanced performance and productivity.

    From motorised bicycles for easier commutes to motorised tools for increased efficiency in construction projects, the integration of motors into objects has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives. The flexibility and power that motorisation offers have led to the development of innovative solutions that continue to shape the way we work and interact with our environment.

    7 Examples Of Motorised Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Motorised toys are fun to play with.
    2. The motorised car goes zoom!
    3. We can hear the motorised scooter coming.
    4. The motorised train goes choo choo!
    5. The robot moves with a motorised engine.
    6. The motorised airplane flies high in the sky.
    7. Let’s play with the motorised boat in the water.

    14 Sentences with Motorised Examples

    • Motorised scooters are a popular choice among college students for commuting short distances.
    • Many college students prefer using motorised bicycles to get around campus quickly.
    • The college library now offers a motorised book retrieval system for students to access books more efficiently.
    • The college cafeteria recently introduced a motorised food delivery cart for students ordering meals online.
    • Some college students use motorised skateboards to travel between classes on large campuses.
    • The college gym has upgraded its equipment to include motorised treadmills for students looking for a high-intensity workout.
    • The college parking lot offers designated spots for motorised vehicles like motorcycles and scooters.
    • The college science department has a motorised telescope for astronomy students to observe celestial objects.
    • The college robotics club built a motorised rover for a competition against other universities.
    • College students can rent motorised projectors for presentations and group projects in the classrooms.
    • The college campus security team uses motorised patrol vehicles to monitor the premises and ensure students’ safety.
    • The college engineering lab has a motorised conveyor belt for students learning about automation and industrial processes.
    • The college sports complex has a motorised climbing wall for students to practice rock climbing skills.
    • A new motorised drone club has been formed on campus for students interested in aerial photography and videography.
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    How To Use Motorised in Sentences?

    Motorised” means to equip something with a motor or engine, typically to make it run automatically or with increased power. When motorised is used in a sentence, it is important to keep in mind the context in which the word is being used. Here is a simple guide on how to use motorised in a sentence:

    1. Identify the subject: First, determine what or who is being motorised in the sentence. It could be a vehicle, a machine, or any other object that is being equipped with a motor.

    2. Choose the correct verb tense: Depending on the tense of the sentence, you may need to modify the form of the word. For example, “The company plans to motorise their fleet of trucks” uses the word in the future tense.

    3. Position in the sentence: Place motorised appropriately in the sentence to ensure clarity. For instance, “The new lawnmower is motorised for easier use” clearly conveys that the lawnmower has a motor.

    4. Provide context: When using motorised in a sentence, it can be helpful to provide additional information to give the reader a better understanding of how the motorisation impacts the subject.

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively incorporate motorised into your writing to convey the idea of equipping something with a motor or engine.


    In conclusion, sentences with “motorised” typically refer to objects or devices that operate using an engine or motor for power. These sentences often describe vehicles, machinery, or equipment that are powered by motors, highlighting their ability to function with efficiency and reliability. Whether it is a motorised scooter zooming down the street or a motorised mechanism operating in a factory setting, these sentences illustrate the widespread use of motorised technology in various aspects of our daily lives.

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    Understanding the concept of “motorised” through sentences helps to grasp the importance and impact of motor-powered systems in modern society. From facilitating transportation to enhancing production processes, motorised devices play a crucial role in advancing technological capabilities and improving productivity across different industries.