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MOTORIZED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Motorized

    Sentence with Motorized

    Have you ever wondered what “motorized” means? In simple terms, the term “motorized” refers to something that is powered by a motor or engine, rather than by physical effort.

    Whether it’s a motorized vehicle, appliance, or tool, anything that operates using a motor is considered to be motorized. These devices are designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and power, making them popular in various aspects of modern life.

    7 Examples Of Motorized Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Motorized toys are fun to play with.
    • My dad rides a motorized scooter to work.
    • The motorized car goes really fast.
    • A motorized boat moves on water.
    • We use a motorized fan to stay cool.
    • The robot has a motorized arm.
    • The motorized train goes on the tracks.

    14 Sentences with Motorized Examples

    • Motorized scooters are becoming increasingly popular among college students for short commutes on campus.
    • Many students in India rely on motorized bicycles to navigate through campus quickly.
    • The engineering students are working on a project to design a motorized wheelchair for the differently-abled.
    • The robotics club is experimenting with motorized drones for their latest project.
    • A group of students is organizing a motorized vehicle rally as part of the college fest.
    • The fashion design students are incorporating motorized elements into their wearable technology projects.
    • The environmental science students are studying the impact of motorized vehicles on air quality in urban areas.
    • The mechanical engineering students are building a motorized solar-powered vehicle for a competition.
    • The sports department is looking into purchasing motorized equipment to enhance training sessions.
    • The college is offering a workshop on basic maintenance and repair of motorized vehicles.
    • The film studies students are filming a documentary on the history of motorized transportation in India.
    • The architecture students are designing a futuristic campus with motorized walkways.
    • The student council is proposing to implement motorized rickshaws as a sustainable transportation option within the campus.
    • The astronomy club is planning a stargazing trip using a motorized telescope.
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    How To Use Motorized in Sentences?

    Motorized vehicles have become an integral part of modern transportation. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Motorized in a sentence for beginners.

    1. When using Motorized in a sentence, make sure to identify the subject that is powered by a motor. For example, “The motorized scooter zipped past the pedestrians on the sidewalk.”

    2. Motorized is usually used as an adjective to describe a vehicle or device that is powered by a motor. For instance, “The motorized wheelchair helped the elderly man get around more easily.”

    3. It’s important to note that Motorized can also refer to machinery or equipment that is operated by a motor. For example, “The factory used motorized conveyor belts to transport goods efficiently.”

    4. Remember to place Motorized before the noun it is describing in a sentence to ensure clarity and proper sentence structure. For instance, “The children had fun riding their motorized toy cars in the park.”

    5. Lastly, try to vary your use of Motorized in sentences to practice and improve your writing skills. This will help you become more comfortable using the word in different contexts.

    By following these simple tips, you can effectively incorporate Motorized into your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “motorized” typically refer to objects or vehicles that are powered by a motor, such as cars, boats, or lawnmowers. These sentences often describe the function, operation, or features of motorized devices, highlighting their convenience and efficiency in everyday tasks and transportation needs. Understanding how motorized objects work and their uses can help individuals appreciate the role of technology in enhancing mobility and productivity in various aspects of life.

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    Furthermore, sentences with “motorized” showcase how technology has revolutionized transportation and automation, enabling faster and more efficient ways of getting things done. From motorized wheelchairs that assist individuals with mobility challenges to motorized drones used for surveillance or delivery services, the range of motorized devices reflects the diverse applications of technology for both convenience and necessity in modern society.