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MOTORMOUTH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Motormouth

    Sentence with Motormouth

    Have you ever been accused of being a motormouth? This term refers to someone who talks incessantly and rapidly, often dominating conversations with their non-stop chatter.

    A motormouth can be described as an individual who has a tendency to speak quickly and excessively, often without pausing to give others a chance to participate in the conversation. They may exhibit a lack of awareness or consideration for the feelings and contributions of those around them, leading to potential frustration or annoyance from others in the discussion.

    7 Examples Of Motormouth Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Motormouth talks very fast.
    • Motormouth loves to chatter all day.
    • When motormouth speaks, everyone listens.
    • Motormouth never runs out of words.
    • Motormouth can talk nonstop.
    • Sometimes motormouth needs to take a break.
    • Motormouth has a lot of stories to share.

    14 Sentences with Motormouth Examples

    1. Motormouth was the MVP in the debate competition, impressing everyone with his rapid and articulate speech.
    2. During the group project presentation, Motormouth dominated the discussion with his confident and persuasive arguments.
    3. The professor had to remind Motormouth to give the other students a chance to express their ideas during the class discussion.
    4. Despite his tendency to talk a mile a minute, Motormouth was known for his ability to keep his classmates engaged during lectures.
    5. Motormouth was always the first to answer questions in class, earning him the reputation of being the most talkative student in the room.
    6. Even during breaks between classes, Motormouth could be heard chatting away with his peers about the latest trending topics.
    7. Some students found Motormouth to be a bit overwhelming with his non-stop chatter, but others admired his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge.
    8. Despite his nickname, Motormouth was always willing to listen to feedback and learn from his mistakes in order to improve his communication skills.
    9. After receiving constructive criticism from his professor, Motormouth made a conscious effort to pause and listen more during group discussions.
    10. During networking events, Motormouth stood out for his ability to strike up conversations with industry professionals and make valuable connections.
    11. Motormouth was known for his knack for improvisation, often delivering impromptu speeches that left his audience captivated.
    12. Before exams, Motormouth organized study groups to help his classmates review key concepts and boost their academic performance.
    13. Despite his busy schedule, Motormouth always made time to mentor younger students and share his insights on academic success.
    14. When it came to public speaking competitions, Motormouth was the go-to teammate for his confidence and ability to deliver impactful speeches.
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    How To Use Motormouth in Sentences?

    Motormouth is a slang term used to describe someone who talks a lot or talks quickly. When using Motormouth in a sentence, it is important to place it in a context where the intention is clear.

    For example, “She is such a Motormouth; she never stops talking!” This sentence clearly communicates that the person being referred to talks a lot.

    When incorporating Motormouth into a sentence, it is crucial to ensure that the context provides clarity and understanding for the reader or listener. This helps avoid any confusion or misinterpretation of the term.

    You can also use Motormouth in a lighthearted manner to poke fun at someone who talks excessively. For instance, “My friend is a total Motormouth; I can’t get a word in edgewise when we are together!” This sentence showcases a playful use of the term to describe a friend’s talkative nature.

    In summary, when using Motormouth in a sentence, make sure to clearly convey the intended meaning through the context of the sentence. Whether used seriously or humorously, Motormouth is a versatile slang term that can add color and flair to your language.


    In conclusion, sentences with “motormouth” describe someone who speaks quickly and incessantly, often without pausing. This term is commonly used to portray individuals who talk excessively and rapidly, sometimes to the point of being hard to keep up with or annoying to others. People with motormouth tend to dominate conversations and may struggle to listen or engage in meaningful dialogues due to their rapid speech.

    Understanding the concept of motormouth can help in recognizing and managing communication patterns that may be overwhelming or disruptive. While having a motormouth can stem from enthusiasm or a desire to be heard, it is essential to practice effective communication skills by learning to pause, listen actively, and engage in thoughtful conversation to ensure that interactions are balanced and meaningful for all parties involved.

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