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MOUNTAINOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mountainous

    Sentence with Mountainous

    Have you ever admired the breathtaking landscapes of mountainous regions? The term “mountainous” refers to areas characterized by large, steep elevations, creating awe-inspiring scenes of rugged beauty.

    These regions are often synonymous with challenging terrains, yet they also offer a sense of tranquility and majesty that captivates all who wander through them. Let’s delve deeper into the concept of “mountainous” and explore its significance in geography and exploration.

    7 Examples Of Mountainous Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I saw mountainous clouds in the sky.
    • We went for a hike in the mountainous region.
    • The mighty tiger lives in the mountainous areas.
    • There are many trees in the mountainous forest.
    • We climbed to the top of the mountainous hill.
    • The mountainous landscapes are beautiful to look at.
    • The mountainous terrain is great for rock climbing.

    14 Sentences with Mountainous Examples

    • Mountainous regions in India offer a perfect setting for trekking and exploring nature.
    • Mountainous terrain in the northern states attracts countless adventure enthusiasts looking to hike and climb.
    • The view from the top of a mountainous peak in Himachal Pradesh is truly breathtaking.
    • Exploring the mountainous landscapes of Uttarakhand is a popular choice for college students during summer breaks.
    • College students often organize camping trips in mountainous regions to escape the chaos of city life.
    • The flora and fauna found in mountainous areas provide plenty of opportunities for research projects for biology students.
    • The cool and crisp air in mountainous regions makes them a preferred destination for college group outings.
    • Trying the local cuisine of mountainous regions is a must for students experiencing a new culture.
    • Mountainous regions in India are rich in culture, offering college students a chance to learn about traditional practices and customs.
    • College trekkers need to be well-prepared for mountainous expeditions to ensure their safety.
    • By organizing clean-up drives in mountainous areas, college students can contribute to environmental conservation efforts.
    • Students often choose to study at universities located in mountainous regions to experience a different lifestyle.
    • Mountainous terrains provide the ideal backdrop for photography enthusiasts looking to capture stunning landscapes.
    • College students partake in adventure sports like paragliding and rappelling in mountainous regions to challenge themselves.
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    How To Use Mountainous in Sentences?

    To use the word Mountainous in a sentence, you can refer to its literal meaning of something resembling a mountain or being very large in size.

    Here are a few examples:

    1. The mountainous terrain made it difficult for the hikers to reach the summit.

    2. The mountainous pile of work on her desk seemed never-ending.

    3. The mountainous waves crashed against the shore during the storm.

    4. The mountainous challenge of completing a marathon motivated him to train even harder.

    5. The mountainous task of organizing the event required a lot of planning and coordination.

    In these sentences, Mountainous is used to describe something that is very large, challenging, or resembling a mountain in some way. Remember, when using the word Mountainous, it’s important to consider the context and make sure it fits appropriately within the sentence to convey the intended meaning.

    By practicing with different examples and scenarios, you can become more comfortable incorporating Mountainous into your vocabulary and expressing yourself more effectively in writing and conversations.


    In conclusion, the word “mountainous” is used to describe areas with large or numerous mountains. Examples of sentences using “mountainous” include “The mountainous terrain made the hike challenging but rewarding” and “The village was nestled in a mountainous region, offering breathtaking views.” The term is commonly employed to depict steep, rugged landscapes with towering peaks and valleys. When encountering “mountainous” in a sentence, it signifies an area characterized by significant elevation changes and natural beauty, evoking images of awe-inspiring landscapes and challenging terrain.