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MULTIPLIED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Multiplied

    Sentence with Multiplied

    Have you ever needed to quickly calculate the result of multiplying two numbers together? In mathematical terms, multiplying simply means to add a number to itself a certain number of times.

    When you see the word “multiplied” in a sentence, it indicates that a mathematical operation involving multiplication is taking place. This action involves combining two or more numbers to find their total value.

    7 Examples Of Multiplied Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I multiplied 2 apples by 3 apples to get 6 apples.
    • Meera multiplied 4 dolls by 2 dolls to get 8 dolls.
    • Ravi multiplied 5 balloons by 1 balloon to get 5 balloons.
    • Sara multiplied 3 chocolates by 4 chocolates to get 12 chocolates.
    • Raj multiplied 6 crayons by 2 crayons to get 12 crayons.
    • Tina multiplied 4 books by 3 books to get 12 books.
    • The teacher multiplied 2 bags by 5 bags to get 10 bags.

    14 Sentences with Multiplied Examples

    1. The number of engineering branches in the college multiplied over the years due to increasing demand.
    2. The options for extracurricular activities on campus have multiplied since last semester.
    3. The number of students using online study resources has multiplied significantly during the pandemic.
    4. The available scholarship opportunities for students have multiplied to support those in need.
    5. The library’s digital collection has multiplied with the addition of e-books and online journals.
    6. The campus food options have multiplied with the opening of new cafes and food trucks.
    7. The number of lab equipment available for student use has multiplied, allowing for more practical learning experiences.
    8. The range of study abroad programs has multiplied to offer students a wider variety of destinations.
    9. The opportunities for internships and work placements have multiplied with the college’s industry connections.
    10. The college’s sports teams have multiplied to include new additions like basketball and volleyball.
    11. The number of student organizations on campus has multiplied to cater to diverse interests and passions.
    12. The campus events and workshops have multiplied to provide students with more learning and networking opportunities.
    13. The academic support services for students have multiplied to ensure everyone has access to resources for success.
    14. The college’s online course offerings have multiplied to accommodate students who prefer remote learning.
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    How To Use Multiplied in Sentences?

    To use the word Multiplied in a sentence, follow these steps:

    1. Determine the context of the sentence where you want to use the word Multiplied. Consider whether you want to express an increase in quantity or the result of a mathematical operation.

    2. Choose the appropriate form of Multiplied based on the sentence structure. For example, you can use it in past tense as multiplied for actions that have already occurred or in present tense as multiply for current actions.

    3. Insert the word Multiplied into your sentence where it makes the most sense grammatically. Make sure it fits naturally within the sentence and conveys the intended meaning clearly.

    4. Check the sentence to ensure that it accurately reflects the concept of multiplication or growth that you are trying to express. Verify that the usage of Multiplied aligns with the context and tone of your message.

    5. Practice using Multiplied in different sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your writing. This will help you improve your vocabulary and communication skills over time.

    Remember that proper usage of Multiplied can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your writing by accurately conveying the concept of multiplication or increase in quantity.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “multiplied” illustrate the act of increasing or expanding a quantity by a certain factor or number. Whether it’s the multiplication of numbers in mathematics, the growth of a business through increased revenues, or the spread of a virus in a population, the concept of multiplication embodies growth or expansion in various contexts. Understanding how quantities can be multiplied is fundamental in mathematics, economics, and other fields where growth and expansion are key components of analysis. By examining examples of sentences with “multiplied,” we can grasp the significance of this operation in different scenarios and its implications for calculations and predictions.

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    Overall, the diverse examples of sentences with “multiplied” highlight the universal nature of the concept and its relevance in everyday life. From simple calculations to complex models, the act of multiplying remains a fundamental operation with far-reaching implications in many areas of study and practice.