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MURDER in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Murder

    Sentence with Murder

    Are you interested in understanding how to use the term “murder” correctly in a sentence? Let’s delve into its meaning and proper usage.

    In legal terms, “murder” refers to the unlawful killing of another person with intent and premeditation. It is a serious crime that carries severe consequences in most jurisdictions.

    7 Examples Of Murder Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Murder is when someone hurts someone else very badly.
    2. Indian laws say murder is a very bad thing to do.
    3. People should always be kind and never think about murder.
    4. It’s important to tell an adult if you hear about murder.
    5. Animals should also be protected from murder.
    6. Murder is never a good solution to any problem.
    7. We should always try to understand each other instead of resorting to murder.

    14 Sentences with Murder Examples

    • The mystery novel we are reading for literature class revolves around a murder investigation.
    • In the case study for our criminology class, we are analyzing the motives behind the murder of a businessman.
    • The documentary we watched in sociology class highlighted the issue of honor murders in certain communities.
    • As part of our psychology assignment, we studied the psychological profile of individuals who commit murder.
    • The upcoming theater performance on campus is a gripping thriller about a murder mystery.
    • The forensic science workshop taught us how to analyze evidence from a murder scene.
    • During the debate in our ethics class, we discussed the moral implications of assisted murder.
    • In our history class, we delved into the political assassinations and murders during colonial rule.
    • Our criminal justice professor explained the different types of murder charges in the Indian legal system.
    • The true crime podcast we listened to discussed a notorious cold murder case from the 1990s.
    • The art exhibition on campus featured paintings depicting scenes of murder and mayhem.
    • We attended a lecture on campus about famous unsolved murders in Indian history.
    • The theme of justice and murder trials was prevalent in the plays we studied in our drama class.
    • Our philosophy professor challenged us to debate the concept of justified murder in extreme situations.
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    How To Use Murder in Sentences?

    To use the word “murder” in a sentence, begin by understanding its meaning as the unlawful killing of another person with intention. Next, select a subject and verb to form a complete sentence.

    Example sentence: “The suspect was charged with murder after the victim’s body was found in the alley.”

    Ensure that the sentence is clear and relevant to the context. You can also vary the sentence structure by including different parts of speech like nouns, adjectives, and adverbs to describe the act of murder or its consequences.

    Example sentence: “She was haunted by the memory of her father’s brutal murder.”

    Additionally, pay attention to the tone of the sentence as the word “murder” carries strong emotions and can evoke a serious or somber atmosphere in your writing.

    Example sentence: “The detective was determined to solve the murder case and bring the killer to justice.”

    Practice using the word murder in various sentences to become more familiar with its usage. Remember to abide by ethical standards when discussing real-life events involving murder and always consider the impact of your words.


    In examining various sentences with the keyword “murder,” we find a recurring theme of heinous acts of violence resulting in loss of life. The examples demonstrate the severity and consequences of murder, portraying it as a grave offense that incurs legal repercussions and societal outrage. These sentences highlight the tragic impact of murder on individuals, families, and communities, underscoring the need for justice and deterrence against such criminal behavior.

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    Through these examples, we are reminded of the devastating consequences of murder, emphasizing the importance of confronting and addressing the root causes of violence in our society. By enforcing appropriate laws and fostering a culture of respect for human life, we can work towards preventing future instances of murder and promoting a safer, more compassionate world for all.