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MUST NEEDS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Must Needs

    Sentence with Must Needs

    Have you ever come across the phrase “must needs” and wondered about its meaning? This uncommon expression combines the idea of necessity and obligation into a single phrase.

    “Must needs” is a formal and somewhat archaic way of expressing a strong requirement or unavoidable obligation. It conveys a sense of inevitability, emphasizing that a particular action or outcome is essential or required.

    7 Examples Of Must Needs Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. To make a sandwich, you must needs bread and butter.
    2. To go to school, you must needs wear your uniform.
    3. To color a picture, you must needs crayons and a coloring book.
    4. To write a letter, you must needs paper and a pencil.
    5. To play outside, you must needs sunscreen and a hat.
    6. To read a book, you must needs a storybook and a comfortable chair.
    7. To have a snack, you must needs fruits and a glass of water.

    14 Sentences with Must Needs Examples

    • College students in India must needs prioritize their time management skills to balance academics, extracurricular activities, and social life.
    • During exam season, students must needs establish a study schedule and stick to it consistently.
    • To stay organized, students must needs maintain a planner or a digital calendar for keeping track of all assignments and deadlines.
    • College students must needs ensure they have a reliable internet connection for online classes and research.
    • To succeed academically, students must needs actively participate in class discussions and ask questions when in doubt.
    • When working on group projects, students must needs communicate effectively with their peers to delegate tasks and coordinate meetings.
    • To stay healthy and focused, students must needs prioritize getting enough sleep and maintaining a balanced diet.
    • When planning for internships or job applications, students must needs update their resume and cover letter regularly.
    • Students must needs attend career fairs and networking events to connect with professionals in their field of interest.
    • To save money on textbooks, students must needs explore options like buying second-hand books or renting them online.
    • College students must needs stay informed about scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs to support their education.
    • When preparing for exams, students must needs create study groups with classmates to review material and test each other.
    • Students must needs take breaks and practice self-care to prevent burnout and maintain their mental well-being.
    • To enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge, students must needs seek out opportunities for internships, workshops, and seminars.
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    How To Use Must Needs in Sentences?

    To use Must Needs in a sentence, it is important to understand that this phrase is a slightly formal way of saying “must necessarily” or “absolutely must.” It is often used for emphasis to convey a strong feeling of necessity.

    When incorporating Must Needs into a sentence, remember that it is typically followed by an infinitive verb (to + base form of the verb). For example, “I must needs clean my room before my parents come home.” In this sentence, the phrase Must Needs emphasizes the urgency or necessity of cleaning the room.

    Another example could be, “She must needs finish her homework before watching TV.” Here, the phrase Must Needs is used to stress the importance of completing the homework first.

    It is important to note that Must Needs is not commonly used in everyday speech, but it can add a touch of formality or emphasis to your writing. Be mindful of the context in which you use this phrase to ensure it fits appropriately.

    By following these guidelines and examples, you can effectively incorporate Must Needs into your sentences to convey a strong sense of necessity or obligation.


    In conclusion, the phrase “must needs” is an archaic expression that conveys a sense of necessity or obligation. It is often used in old or formal texts to emphasize that something must be done or is required. Examples of sentences with “must needs” illustrate its historical usage and the seriousness with which the statement is made. While not commonly used in modern English, understanding such archaic expressions enriches our appreciation of language evolution and helps us interpret older texts accurately.

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    Overall, “must needs” serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of language and the historical context in which certain phrases were formed. By acknowledging and understanding such expressions, we gain a deeper insight into the evolution of the English language and the significance of linguistic traditions that have shaped our communication over the centuries.