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NARROWED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Narrowed

    Sentence with Narrowed

    Do you struggle with writing concise and focused sentences that get straight to the point? Let’s explore the concept of “narrowed example sentence” together. A narrowed example sentence is a specific and precise statement that conveys a single idea without unnecessary elaboration.

    By crafting narrowed example sentences, writers can effectively communicate their message in a clear and impactful way. These sentences eliminate any ambiguity or confusion, making it easier for readers to understand the intended message. Join me in discovering the power of narrowed example sentences in enhancing your writing clarity and precision.

    7 Examples Of Narrowed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The path narrowed as we walked through the forest.
    • The river narrowed as it flowed through the mountains.
    • The gap between the chairs narrowed as more people squeezed in.
    • The road narrowed as we approached the small village.
    • The tip of the pencil narrowed as I sharpened it.
    • The tunnel narrowed as we went deeper underground.
    • The lane narrowed as we rode our bicycles through the neighborhood.

    14 Sentences with Narrowed Examples

    • Narrowed down your options to two potential career paths after graduation.
    • Narrowed your focus to specific topics for your research paper.
    • Narrowed the list of potential internships to the top three companies.
    • Narrowed your study group to a few classmates who are serious about academics.
    • Narrowed your study schedule to prioritize upcoming exams.
    • Narrowed your job search to companies that align with your career goals.
    • Narrowed your extracurricular activities to ones that will enhance your resume.
    • Narrowed your budget to better manage your expenses as a college student.
    • Narrowed your search for accommodations to areas close to campus.
    • Narrowed down potential colleges based on their academic programs.
    • Narrowed down your course selection to fulfill graduation requirements.
    • Narrowed your focus during group study sessions for better productivity.
    • Narrowed down the list of books you need to read for your upcoming exams.
    • Narrowed your focus to specific skills you want to develop during your time in college.
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    How To Use Narrowed in Sentences?

    To use Narrowed in a sentence, first, identify the specific topic or subject that has been made more specific or reduced in scope. Next, construct a sentence that clearly demonstrates how the topic has been narrowed down or focused.

    For example:
    – The discussion about travel plans was narrowed to focus only on European destinations.
    – The researchers narrowed their study to specifically examine the effects of caffeine on sleep patterns.
    – After considering various options, she narrowed her choice down to two potential schools.

    Remember to use “narrowed” when describing the process of making something more specific or limited. This word is often used in academic, professional, and everyday contexts to describe the act of narrowing down options, focusing on a particular aspect, or reducing the scope of a topic.

    By using Narrowed in your sentence, you can effectively communicate that a broader topic has been refined or restricted to a more specific area of interest or concern. Experiment with different sentence structures and contexts to gain a deeper understanding of how to incorporate this term into your writing effectively.


    In this article, we explored various examples of sentences with the keyword “narrowed.” Through these examples, we saw how the term can be used to describe reducing the scope or limiting the focus of something. Whether discussing narrowed options, perspectives, or paths, the word “narrowed” consistently indicates a restriction or refinement of possibilities.

    By examining sentences with “narrowed,” we gain an understanding of how the concept can apply to a range of scenarios, from decision-making to physical spaces. The word serves as a clear signal that a process of reduction or concentration has taken place, highlighting the importance of precision and focus in various contexts.

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