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NAUSEOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Nauseous

    Sentence with Nauseous

    Have you ever felt queasy or sick to your stomach? That feeling of discomfort is often described as feeling “nauseous.” When you are nauseous, you may experience dizziness, an upset stomach, or an overall sense of unease.

    The word “nauseous” is commonly used to convey the sensation of feeling sick or unwell, particularly in the stomach region. It is often associated with symptoms like vomiting, feeling lightheaded, or having an aversion to food.

    7 Examples Of Nauseous Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I felt nauseous after spinning around too fast.
    • The smell of the garbage made me feel nauseous.
    • Eating too many candies can make you feel nauseous.
    • Nauseous feelings go away if you sit down and drink water.
    • If you feel nauseous, it’s important to tell a grown-up.
    • Going on a bumpy ride may make you feel nauseous.
    • Some people get nauseous when they see blood.

    14 Sentences with Nauseous Examples

    1. After a night of excessive drinking, he woke up feeling nauseous and regretful.
    2. She felt nauseous during her presentation due to stage fright.
    3. The strong smell in the chemistry lab made the students feel nauseous.
    4. I started feeling nauseous after eating the street food from the vendor near the college.
    5. The intense heat wave made many students feel nauseous during their outdoor sports activities.
    6. The overwhelming workload and pressure of exams left me feeling nauseous.
    7. The constant movement and turbulence on the bus ride made some students feel nauseous.
    8. Trying to pull an all-nighter to finish assignments left me feeling nauseous the next morning.
    9. The pungent smell of chemicals in the biology lab made some students nauseous.
    10. The long hours of travel on the train made many students feel nauseous.
    11. The sight of blood during a medical demonstration made some students nauseous.
    12. The taste of the unfamiliar street food left her feeling nauseous.
    13. The lack of proper ventilation in the classroom made several students nauseous.
    14. The rollercoaster ride during the college trip made some students feel nauseous.
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    How To Use Nauseous in Sentences?

    To use the word Nauseous in a sentence, you can follow these simple steps:

    • Identify the feeling or sensation of discomfort or queasiness that you want to convey.
    • Choose the appropriate context for the word Nauseous, such as describing a strong feeling of sickness or disgust.
    • Construct a sentence that clearly conveys the feeling of being Nauseous in a way that is easy for others to understand.

    For example, you can say, “The smell of rotten food made me feel nauseous,” to express how the unpleasant odor caused you to feel sick to your stomach. Another example could be, “After riding the roller coaster multiple times, I felt increasingly nauseous,” to indicate that the repeated motion on the ride made you feel dizzy and sick.

    Remember to use Nauseous as an adjective to describe a person’s feeling or state, rather than as a noun to refer to the act of vomiting. Practice incorporating the word into different sentences to become more comfortable with using it in your everyday communication.


    In conclusion, sentences using the keyword “nauseous” indicate a feeling of extreme discomfort or sickness, often accompanied by a sensation of wanting to vomit. When someone feels nauseous, they may experience symptoms such as dizziness, cold sweats, and an unsettled stomach. In some cases, certain smells, tastes, or motions can trigger feelings of nausea and make one feel unwell.

    It is important to pay attention to signs of feeling nauseous as they could be indicative of underlying health issues or reactions to certain stimuli. Seeking medical advice or adjusting one’s environment can help alleviate these uncomfortable sensations and promote overall well-being.

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