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NEARLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Nearly

    Sentence with Nearly

    Have you ever struggled with knowing when to use “nearly” correctly in a sentence? Let’s break it down simply. “Nearly” is an adverb that indicates something is close to almost, but not quite reaching that point. It is commonly used to describe a small gap or amount between a specific quantity or point.

    When crafting sentences with “nearly,” pay attention to the context to ensure the intended meaning is clear. Use it to express proximity to a certain number, time, or state without actually exceeding or reaching it. With practice, you can seamlessly incorporate “nearly” into your writing to add precision and nuance to your language.

    7 Examples Of Nearly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I nearly caught the butterfly in the garden.
    2. The cake is nearly ready to be eaten.
    3. The sun is nearly setting in the sky.
    4. I am nearly finished with my homework.
    5. The train is nearly arriving at the station.
    6. The bird is nearly at the top of the tree.
    7. I am nearly done tying my shoelaces.

    14 Sentences with Nearly Examples

    • Nearly all college students in India use smartphones for studying and keeping up with assignments.
    • With nearly 50,000 colleges in India, students have a wide range of options to choose from for higher education.
    • The final exams are approaching, and I am nearly done with all my revisions.
    • I have nearly completed my research paper and just need to make a few final edits.
    • I am nearly always late for my morning lectures because of the long commute to college.
    • Nearly every student in my class uses online resources to supplement their studies.
    • I have nearly finished reading all the prescribed textbooks for this semester.
    • The college campus is nearly empty during the summer break as most students visit their hometowns.
    • I am nearly out of stationery supplies and need to stock up before the new semester begins.
    • I have attended nearly all the workshops organized by the college to enhance my skills.
    • The deadline for submitting my project is nearly here, and I need to put on the finishing touches.
    • I have nearly mastered the art of time management to balance my studies and extracurricular activities.
    • In our college canteen, nearly every student opts for the popular combo meal deal.
    • The college library is nearly always crowded during exam season with students trying to secure study spaces.
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    How To Use Nearly in Sentences?

    Nearly means almost or close to a certain point or happening. It is used to describe a situation where something is close to happening or being the case, but not quite there yet. Here is a guide on how to use nearly in a sentence for beginners:

    1. Position in a sentence: Nearly is usually placed before an adjective or adverb to show that something is close to being that way. For example, “She was nearly finished with her painting.”

    2. Quantity of proximity: When using nearly, you are expressing that the action or state is very close to completion. You can use it with numbers as well, such as “He had nearly finished half of his homework.”

    3. Comparisons: You can use nearly to compare two things or ideas that are close in characteristics but not entirely the same. For instance, “Her exam score was nearly as high as his.”

    4. Negative context: Sometimes, nearly is used in a negative context to describe something that almost happened but did not. For example, “He was nearly late for the meeting.”

    Remember that nearly is versatile and can be used in various contexts to show proximity or closeness to a certain point. Practice using it in different sentences to get a better grasp of how to incorporate it effectively in your writing.


    In summary, the examples illustrated how the keyword “nearly” can be used in sentences to indicate closeness in quantity, time, or degree. Whether describing an almost complete action, a time nearing or approaching, or a close approximation, “nearly” serves as a versatile term to emphasize proximity or nearness.

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    Overall, the sentences utilizing the keyword “nearly” effectively convey the idea of something approaching a certain point without actually reaching it completely. The term adds a sense of almost, closeness, or approximation, aiding in conveying the degree of completion or proximity of an action or event.