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NECK AND CROP in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Neck And Crop

    Sentence with Neck And Crop

    Have you ever heard the expression “neck and crop” and wondered what it meant? This classic idiom is often used to describe something that is done completely, with no part left unfinished.

    In its literal sense, “neck and crop” means the entirety of something or someone, without any exceptions. This phrase is commonly used to emphasize the completeness or thoroughness of an action or decision.

    7 Examples Of Neck And Crop Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The farmer harvested the wheat neck and crop.
    • The giraffe has a long neck and crop.
    • The birds pecked at the seeds neck and crop.
    • We picked all the ripe apples neck and crop from the tree.
    • The flowers bloomed neck and crop in the garden.
    • The cow grazed on the grass neck and crop.
    • The chef chopped the vegetables neck and crop for the soup.

    14 Sentences with Neck And Crop Examples

    1. Neck and crop, the students worked on their project well into the night.
    2. They studied neck and crop for the upcoming exams.
    3. Neck and crop, they completed their assignment before the deadline.
    4. The students were focused and determined to ace the exam neck and crop.
    5. Despite the challenging subject, they were determined to understand it neck and crop.
    6. Neck and crop, they prepared for the presentation, ensuring it was flawless.
    7. The group worked together neck and crop to finish the group project on time.
    8. They practiced neck and crop for the cultural fest performance.
    9. The student council worked neck and crop to organize the college event.
    10. The debate team prepared neck and crop for the upcoming competition.
    11. Time management was crucial as they had to complete the syllabus neck and crop.
    12. The students revised neck and crop to boost their knowledge.
    13. Neck and crop, they participated in various college activities.
    14. Balancing academics and extracurricular activities was challenging, but they managed it neck and crop.
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    How To Use Neck And Crop in Sentences?

    Neck And Crop is a figurative expression that means to deal with something completely or decisively. Here is a guide on how to use it in a sentence for beginners:

    When using Neck And Crop in a sentence, you can say, “She cleaned her room neck and crop before her parents came home.” This means she cleaned every nook and cranny of her room thoroughly and completely.

    To remember how to use Neck And Crop correctly, think of it as a way to emphasize that something has been done entirely or thoroughly. For example, “He studied for the exam neck and crop all weekend” highlights that he spent the entire weekend studying without taking a break.

    It’s important to note that Neck And Crop is a more formal and expressive way of saying “completely” or “thoroughly.” It adds emphasis and vivid imagery to your sentences, making them more engaging and impactful.

    Practice incorporating Neck And Crop into your everyday conversations or writing to become more comfortable with using this expression. Remember, using colorful language like Neck And Crop can enhance your communication and help you express yourself more effectively.


    In summary, the idiom “neck and crop” is an expression used to describe something that is done completely, in its entirety, or without any exception. Examples such as “they were fired neck and crop” or “I bought the whole collection, neck and crop” illustrate the concept of doing something fully and decisively.

    This phrase conveys a sense of completeness and thoroughness in actions or decisions. It emphasizes the idea of leaving no part undone or any detail overlooked. Understanding the meaning behind “neck and crop” can aid in effectively communicating a sense of entirety and conclusiveness in various situations.

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