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NEEDINESS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Neediness

    Sentence with Neediness

    Have you ever encountered someone who displayed signs of excessive neediness? Neediness is a behavior characterized by an overwhelming dependency on others for emotional validation, support, or fulfillment.

    Individuals who exhibit neediness often seek constant reassurance, attention, and approval from those around them, sometimes to the point of becoming clingy or demanding. This trait can stem from a variety of underlying issues, such as low self-esteem, insecurity, or past experiences of neglect or abandonment.

    7 Examples Of Neediness Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I feel neediness when I miss my parents.
    • It’s important to ask for help when we feel neediness.
    • We can overcome neediness by being brave and asking for assistance.
    • Sometimes our friends also feel neediness and we can help them.
    • It’s okay to express our neediness and seek guidance from our teachers.
    • We can share our feelings of neediness with someone we trust.
    • Remember, everyone feels neediness at times, and it’s okay to ask for support.

    14 Sentences with Neediness Examples

    • Neediness for study materials can be fulfilled by joining a study group.
    • College students often experience neediness for extra-curricular activities to balance their academic life.
    • Neediness for internships can be tackled by networking with professionals in the field of interest.
    • It’s common for students to feel neediness for mental health support during exam season.
    • Managing financial neediness can be challenging for many college students.
    • Building a strong network can help fulfill neediness for career guidance.
    • Feeling neediness for social interaction can be fulfilled by joining clubs and societies on campus.
    • Neediness for guidance on choosing the right electives can be resolved by consulting with academic advisors.
    • Dealing with neediness for time management skills is crucial for college students juggling multiple responsibilities.
    • Feeling neediness for a healthy lifestyle can be addressed by incorporating regular exercise and nutritious meals into daily routines.
    • Handling neediness for job opportunities post-graduation requires proactive networking and seeking internships.
    • Maintaining good communication with professors can help fulfill neediness for academic guidance and support.
    • Balancing personal relationships and academic commitments can lead to feelings of neediness for time management strategies.
    • Seeking mentorship from seniors can help address neediness for advice on navigating college life.
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    How To Use Neediness in Sentences?

    Neediness is expressed when someone constantly seeks attention or validation from others, often appearing clingy or overly dependent. To use Neediness in a sentence, start by identifying a situation where someone is demonstrating overly reliant behavior. For example, “Her constant texts and calls revealed her neediness for his approval.”

    When constructing a sentence using Neediness, ensure that the context clearly conveys the sense of excessive need for emotional support or reassurance. This word carries a negative connotation, so it is important to use it judiciously and considerately. Remember to always provide a clear and concise description of the behavior being exhibited.

    To enhance your sentence with Neediness, consider incorporating additional details or examples that illustrate the degree of dependency or attention-seeking behavior being described. For instance, “His neediness for her affection became apparent when he became upset if she didn’t respond immediately.” This helps provide a more vivid picture of the emotional state or actions of the individual in question.

    By following these tips, you can effectively use Neediness in a sentence to describe behaviors characterized by excessive dependence or attention-seeking tendencies. Practice constructing sentences using Neediness in various contexts to further develop your understanding and communication skills.


    In relationships, neediness can often lead to dependence, insecurity, and imbalance. It is important to recognize and address moments of neediness to maintain a healthy dynamic. Communication, boundaries, and self-care are crucial in navigating feelings of neediness. By fostering independence, trust, and open dialogue, individuals can work towards building strong and fulfilling connections with others. It is normal to have moments of vulnerability or seek support, but a continuous pattern of neediness may strain relationships and hinder personal growth. Finding a balance between expressing needs and respecting boundaries is key in fostering harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships. By acknowledging and managing feelings of neediness, individuals can cultivate stronger, more balanced connections with others.

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