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NEITHER NOR in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Neither Nor

    Sentence with Neither Nor

    Confused about how to use “neither nor” in a sentence? Let’s break it down. “Neither nor” is a correlative conjunction that connects two or more alternatives that are all negative. It is used when presenting two options, stating that not one or the other is true.

    In English grammar, “neither nor” is a handy tool when you want to express that something does not apply to any of the choices given. By using “neither nor” in a sentence, you can clearly convey that two ideas are both not true or relevant.

    7 Examples Of Neither Nor Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I like neither bananas nor mangoes.
    2. Neither the cat nor the dog likes spicy food.
    3. I can neither swim nor ride a bicycle.
    4. Neither the sun nor the moon shines at night.
    5. She had neither pencils nor crayons to color with.
    6. Neither the butterfly nor the bee can bark.
    7. The flower is neither red nor blue.

    14 Sentences with Neither Nor Examples

    1. Neither of the restaurants near our college serves vegetarian food, nor do they offer any student discounts.
    2. Neither the library nor the cafeteria will be open during the weekend.
    3. Neither the economics professor nor the chemistry professor was able to attend the student council meeting.
    4. The college canteen sells neither healthy snacks nor affordable meals.
    5. Neither the bus service nor the metro runs late at night, making it difficult for students to commute.
    6. The college gym is neither well-equipped nor spacious enough for a comfortable workout.
    7. The upcoming exam will cover topics that are neither in the textbook nor discussed in class.
    8. Neither the wifi in the hostel nor the mobile data on campus is reliable.
    9. I have neither the time nor the interest in participating in extracurricular activities this semester.
    10. Neither the weather forecast nor the academic calendar is accurate enough to plan outdoor events.
    11. The college cafeteria menu includes neither vegan options nor gluten-free alternatives.
    12. Neither the college administration nor the student representatives have addressed the issue of campus security.
    13. Neither the computer lab nor the printer on campus is functioning properly.
    14. The college bookstore has neither affordable textbooks nor a buyback program for used books.
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    How To Use Neither Nor in Sentences?

    Neither nor is used to connect two negative alternatives in a sentence. This construction emphasizes that both options are not applicable. Neither is used before the first option, and nor is used before the second option.

    For example:
    Neither my sister nor I like to eat sushi.
    Neither the blue shirt nor the red shirt is in stock in my size.
    – I will neither go to the gym nor stay at home; instead, I will go for a walk outside.

    Remember to use a singular verb after neither nor when the two alternatives are singular. If one of the alternatives is plural, use a plural verb.

    It is essential to maintain parallel structure when using neither nor in a sentence. This means that the structure following neither nor should be consistent. For instance, if the first option is a noun, the second option should also be a noun; if the first option is a verb, the second option should be a verb as well.

    Just like with either or, it is crucial to ensure that there is proper agreement in the sentence when using neither nor.

    In conclusion, neither nor is a useful construction to link two negative alternatives in a sentence and emphasize that neither option is valid. Practice using this structure in your writing to help convey your message clearly and effectively.


    In writing, sentences with “neither nor” are structured to present two negative alternatives. These sentences are commonly used to express negation or disagreement in a clear and concise manner. By using “neither nor,” the speaker states that neither option is true or acceptable.

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    Using “neither nor” helps to simplify complex ideas and enables effective communication by highlighting the exclusion of multiple possibilities. This construction is a useful tool for expressing what is not the case or what is not desired, making it a valuable addition to a writer’s toolkit for creating logical and straightforward sentences.