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NEOTERIC in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Neoteric

    Sentence with Neoteric

    Have you ever come across a word that sounded unfamiliar, like “neoteric”, and wondered what it meant? In the world of vocabulary, “neoteric” is a term used to describe something modern, recent, or innovative.

    Derived from the Greek word “neos” meaning new, “neoteric” is often used to refer to ideas, technology, or designs that are considered groundbreaking or ahead of their time. This word can be a dynamic addition to your lexicon when you want to convey that something is fresh, contemporary, or cutting-edge.

    7 Examples Of Neoteric Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Neoteric toys have cool features.
    2. Let’s explore this neoteric gadget.
    3. The robot is a neoteric invention.
    4. This book has neoteric technology.
    5. Can you find the neoteric tool in the toolbox?
    6. The spaceship has a neoteric design.
    7. We learned about neoteric ideas in class.

    14 Sentences with Neoteric Examples

    1. Neoteric technology has revolutionized the way college students research and study.
    2. Students are excited to experiment with neoteric gadgets in their daily lives on campus.
    3. The introduction of neoteric teaching methods has made learning more engaging and interactive.
    4. College libraries are constantly updating their resources to include neoteric information sources.
    5. Many students are drawn to courses that incorporate neoteric concepts and ideas.
    6. The use of neoteric software has streamlined the process of submitting assignments online.
    7. Professors are encouraging students to explore neoteric theories and research in their academic projects.
    8. The campus campus is buzzing with discussions on the impact of neoteric trends in various industries.
    9. Student organizations are hosting workshops to help peers learn about neoteric career options.
    10. The college is investing in neoteric infrastructure to better support students’ academic and extracurricular activities.
    11. The rise of neoteric social media platforms has changed the way students communicate and network with each other.
    12. Academic conferences are focusing on neoteric developments in different disciplines to keep students informed.
    13. Students are eager to attend seminars that explore neoteric ideas and technologies shaping the future.
    14. Campus events often feature demonstrations of neoteric inventions and products that cater to students’ interests.
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    How To Use Neoteric in Sentences?

    Neoteric is a term that describes something that is modern, new, or innovative. Neoteric can be used in a sentence to describe a person, object, or idea that is ahead of its time.

    Here is a helpful guide on how to use neoteric in a sentence for beginners:

    1. Identify a person, object, or idea that is modern or innovative.
    2. Look for characteristics or features that set it apart as neoteric.
    3. Use the word neoteric in a sentence to describe the modern or innovative aspect.

    Example sentence: “The company unveiled a neoteric technology that revolutionized the way we interact with computers.”

    In this sentence, the word neoteric is used to highlight the modern and innovative nature of the technology introduced by the company.

    When using neoteric in a sentence, make sure it fits the context and accurately conveys the novelty or modernity of the subject. Avoid using the term in situations where it may not accurately describe the object or idea being discussed.

    Practice incorporating neoteric into your conversations or writing to become more comfortable with using it effectively. This will help you enhance your vocabulary and better communicate when discussing modern or innovative concepts.


    In conclusion, neoteric design concepts are radically innovative and forward-thinking. They push boundaries, challenge tradition, and redefine aesthetics in various fields such as architecture, technology, and fashion. Neoteric ideas often incorporate cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and unconventional forms to create a fresh and modern appeal.

    These neoteric concepts are reshaping industries and sparking exciting advancements that captivate audiences and inspire creativity. Their unique approach to design and problem-solving showcases a vision for the future that is both futuristic and practical, setting new standards and opening up possibilities for innovative solutions in the contemporary world.

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