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PROMISE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Promise

    Sentence with Promise

    Promises are often viewed as declarations of assurance or commitment made by one party to another. They carry the weight of trust, embodying a sense of responsibility and expectancy for a specific action or outcome to follow.

    In the realm of communication and relationships, promises serve as the building blocks of trust and reliability. They establish a framework of accountability and integrity, shaping the foundations of mutual respect and understanding between individuals.

    7 Examples Of Promise Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Always promise to be kind to others.
    • Remember to promise to clean up your toys.
    • Let’s promise to listen to our teachers.
    • I promise to share with my friends.
    • We should promise to help each other.
    • Don’t forget to promise to say please and thank you.
    • Let’s promise to be good friends to each other.
    Examples Of Promise Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Promise Examples

    1. I promise to submit my assignment on time.
    2. We promise to help each other during exam preparation.
    3. Let’s promise to stay focused and study hard for our upcoming tests.
    4. I promise to attend all my classes regularly this semester.
    5. We should promise to support each other in our extracurricular activities.
    6. I promise to manage my time effectively and not procrastinate.
    7. Let’s promise to maintain good academic integrity and not cheat in exams.
    8. I promise to take care of my mental health and seek help if needed.
    9. We promise to respect each other’s opinions during group discussions.
    10. I promise to participate actively in class discussions and group projects.
    11. Let’s promise to always strive for excellence in our academic pursuits.
    12. I promise to attend career counseling sessions to plan my future effectively.
    13. We should promise to stay motivated and pursue our passions.
    14. I promise to make the most of my college experience and create lasting memories.
    Sentences with Promise Examples

    How To Use Promise in Sentences?

    Promises are used in JavaScript to handle asynchronous operations. When you have a task that takes some time to complete, like making an API call or reading a file, Promise allows you to handle the result of that task once it’s done.

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    To create a Promise, you use the new Promise constructor and pass a function with two parameters: resolve and reject. resolve is called when the task is successful and reject is called when there’s an error.

    How To Use Promise in Sentences

    Here’s an example of using a Promise in a sentence:

    • “I promise to finish the dishes before bed.”

    In this example, we create a Promise called that simulates fetching data after 2 seconds. Once the data is returned, the resolve function is called with the data object. We then use the then method to handle the successful response and the catch method to handle any errors.

    By using Promise, you can write cleaner and more maintainable asynchronous code in JavaScript.


    In conclusion, sentences with the promise convey a commitment or assurance of future action or delivery. They are used to build trust, inspire hope, and create expectations in various contexts, such as business agreements, personal relationships, and societal pledges. Examples of sentences with promise can include commitments to meet a deadline, deliver quality service, keep a secret, or fulfill a vow.

    Whether in professional interactions, friendships, or public declarations, sentences with promise carry an implicit obligation to follow through on the stated commitment. Therefore, it is essential to take them seriously and ensure that promises made are kept, as they form the foundation of trust and reliability in all types of communications and relationships.