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REALISED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Realised

    Sentence with Realised

    Realized is a verb that refers to becoming aware or understanding something that was previously unknown or not apparent. It is often used to describe a moment of clarity or insight when something becomes clear or understood.

    This versatile term can be applied to a wide range of contexts, from personal epiphanies to professional revelations. Realized is a powerful word that conveys the process of coming to a new understanding or perspective on a particular situation or idea.

    7 Examples Of Realised Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I realised that I forgot my lunchbox at home.
    • Sarah realised she had lost her favorite toy.
    • The children realised that it was time to go home.
    • He realised he had finished all his snacks.
    • She realised that she had made a mistake in her drawing.
    • The teacher realised the students needed a break.
    • They realised it was time to pack up their things.
    Examples Of Realised Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Realised Examples

    • Realised that attending all classes is crucial for better understanding the subjects.
    • Joining a study group realised the importance of collaborative learning.
    • After receiving feedback from professors, the student realised the need to improve their writing skills.
    • Realised the significance of time management when trying to balance academics and extracurricular activities.
    • Participating in a debate competition realised the importance of effective communication skills.
    • Realised the benefits of networking with alumni during a career fair.
    • Realised the value of seeking help from tutors when facing difficulties in understanding complex topics.
    • Realised the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to cope with the demands of college life.
    • Attending a career workshop realised the need to start building a professional network early on.
    • Realised the significance of developing critical thinking skills through engaging in debates and discussions.
    • Realised the benefits of attending industry seminars to gain insights into future career opportunities.
    • Setting academic goals realised the importance of staying focused and motivated throughout the semester.
    • Realised the value of internships and hands-on experience in preparing for a future career.
    • Realised the significance of seeking mentorship from seniors or professionals in the field.
    Sentences with Realised Examples

    How To Use Realised in Sentences?

    Realised is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts in a sentence.

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    In its most common usage, realised means to become aware of something or to understand a fact or situation. For example, you could say, “I realised that I had forgotten my keys after I had already left the house.”

    Another way to use realised is to talk about bringing a plan or idea to fruition. For instance, “After months of hard work, the team realised their goal of launching a successful product.”

    You can also use realised to indicate converting an asset into cash or money. For example, “She realised a substantial profit after selling her vintage record collection.”

    How To Use Realised in Sentences

    To use realised accurately in a sentence, always remember to conjugate it according to the subject of the sentence. For example, “He realised his mistake” is correct, while “He realise his mistake” is not.

    By incorporating realised into your vocabulary, you can enhance the precision and depth of your communication. Practice using it in different contexts to become more comfortable with its various meanings and applications.


    In conclusion, the sentences provided with the keyword “realised” demonstrated a range of contexts in which the word can be used. These examples showcased how “realised” can indicate the understanding or perception of something, as well as the completion or achievement of a goal or intention. Through these sentences, it is clear that “realised” is a versatile term that can convey various meanings in different contexts.

    Whether it’s realizing a mistake, achieving a dream, or understanding a concept, the word “realised” encapsulates moments of insight, accomplishment, and comprehension. By examining these sentences, we can appreciate the breadth of situations in which this word can be applied, enriching our understanding of how language can convey both nuanced and straightforward meanings.

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