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RECOGNISED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Recognised

    Sentence with Recognised

    Have you ever come across a sentence where a particular word or phrase is emphasized for its importance or uniqueness? This is where the concept of a recognized example sentence comes into play.

    A recognized example sentence is a specific phrase or group of words that is commonly used to illustrate a particular grammar rule, vocabulary term, or language structure. These sentences are widely acknowledged within language learning and teaching communities for their effectiveness in demonstrating how a certain concept is used in context.

    7 Examples Of Recognised Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. India has many recognised national symbols like the Taj Mahal and the peacock.
    2. The Indian flag is easily recognised by its orange, white, and green stripes.
    3. The elephant is a recognised animal in India and is considered sacred in many cultures.
    4. Diwali is a recognised festival celebrated by lighting oil lamps and fireworks.
    5. The national anthem of India is recognised by its words and melody.
    6. The lotus flower is recognised as a symbol of purity and enlightenment in Indian culture.
    7. The Indian rupee is a recognised currency used for buying things in the country.
    Examples Of Recognised Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Recognised Examples

    1. It is important to attend a recognised university to ensure the quality of education.
    2. Many companies prefer to hire graduates from recognised institutions for internships.
    3. Make sure to check if the course you are interested in is recognised by the relevant accreditation body.
    4. Graduates from recognised colleges often have better job prospects in the competitive market.
    5. Academic transcripts from recognised universities carry more weight in job applications.
    6. Recognised degrees are essential for pursuing higher education or applying for foreign universities.
    7. Participating in recognised certification programs can enhance your skill set and improve your career opportunities.
    8. Joining a student organization affiliated with a recognised national body can boost your leadership skills.
    9. Attending career fairs hosted by recognised companies can expand your professional network.
    10. Engaging in recognised research projects can help you gain practical experience in your field of study.
    11. Obtaining a scholarship from a recognised foundation can ease the financial burden of college expenses.
    12. Regularly checking the recognised notice boards on campus can keep you updated on important dates and events.
    13. Submitting papers to recognised academic journals can enhance your credibility as a research scholar.
    14. Completing an internship with a recognised industry partner can provide valuable hands-on experience in your chosen field.
    Sentences with Recognised Examples

    How To Use Recognised in Sentences?

    To Recognise usage in a sentence, begin with identifying the context where you want to use the word. Recognise means to acknowledge the existence or validity of something or someone. For example, in the sentence “I quickly recognised my friend in the crowd”, the word recognised indicates that the speaker acknowledged their friend’s presence among many people.

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    When constructing a sentence with recognise, ensure that the word is placed in the appropriate tense. For instance, in the past tense, it would be “recognized” in American English and “recognised” in British English. “The police officer recognised the suspect from the security footage.”

    How To Use Recognised in Sentences

    The word recognise can also be used in various forms such as recognition, recognising, and recognisable. For instance, “Her outstanding performance led to her recognition by the company” or “I am recognising the importance of regular exercise.”

    Remember to pair recognise with suitable adverbs or adjectives to give more context to the sentence. For instance, “She immediately recognised the significance of the situation.”

    Practice using recognize in different sentences to strengthen your understanding of its meaning and application. With these tips, you will be able to confidently incorporate recognize into your vocabulary.


    Recognized sentences are those that are correctly structured grammatically and convey a clear meaning. They are widely accepted as valid expressions of language and are easily understood by readers or listeners. Ensuring that your sentences are recognized is essential for effective communication, whether in writing or speech.

    By using recognized sentences, you can communicate your ideas more clearly and succinctly, making it easier for your audience to follow along. Whether you are writing an essay, giving a presentation, or simply having a conversation, using recognized sentences can help you convey your message with precision and coherence. Remember, the way you structure your sentences can significantly impact how well your ideas are received and understood by others.