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SCHOOL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use School

    Sentence with School

    Are you looking to improve your writing skills, particularly when it comes to constructing sentences for school assignments or professional purposes? Crafting sentences that effectively convey your thoughts is crucial for success in many aspects of life. A well-constructed sentence can captivate readers and enhance your overall communication.

    A sentence with the word “school” can be a powerful tool in showcasing your knowledge, creativity, and clarity. Whether you are writing a simple statement or a complex argument, the way you structure your sentences can make a significant impact on the reader’s understanding and engagement. Let’s explore the nuances of creating an effective sentence with the word “school” to help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

    7 Examples Of School Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • School is a fun place to learn new things.
    • I go to school with my friends every day.
    • In school, we play and study together.
    • My school has a playground for us to have fun.
    • We sing and dance in school during assembly.
    • I love going to school to meet my teachers.
    • School helps me to become smarter and more confident.
    Examples Of School Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with School Examples

    • During his first year in school, Ravi made friends with classmates who shared his love for cricket.
    • Every morning, Tina would grab a quick breakfast before rushing off to school to avoid being late for her first lecture.
    • The school library was always filled with students studying for upcoming exams or working on group projects.
    • As part of their extracurricular activities, the Debate Club organized a mock debate in the school auditorium.
    • The school canteen offered a variety of food options, but the most popular item among students was the spicy samosas.
    • School holidays gave Anjali the opportunity to visit her family back in her hometown.
    • Suraj’s room was filled with school books and notes as he prepared for his end-of-semester exams.
    • The school dormitories were buzzing with excitement as students prepared for the upcoming cultural fest.
    • The college campus was abuzz with students discussing the upcoming school elections for student council.
    • Despite the heavy rain, the school football team continued with their practice session on the muddy field.
    • The school dean announced a sudden closure due to a nationwide strike, leaving students scrambling to make travel arrangements.
    • The school bell rang, signaling the end of the history class and the start of the lunch break.
    • The college program included school trips to historical sites, giving students a chance to learn outside the classroom.
    • The school yearbook team worked tirelessly to capture the memories and achievements of their graduating batch.
    Sentences with School Examples

    How To Use School in Sentences?

    To use the word School in a sentence, you can refer to a place of learning or an institution where students go to study. Here are some examples to help you understand how to incorporate School into a sentence:

    1. I go to school every morning to learn new things.
    2. The school has a big playground where students can play during recess.
    3. My favorite subject in school is mathematics.
    4. The school is hosting a talent show next week.
    5. The school library is a quiet place to study and read books.
    6. Lisa is excited to start school and make new friends.
    7. The school bus arrives at 7:30 AM to pick up the students.
    8. The school year ends with a graduation ceremony.
    9. Many children enjoy going to school to see their teachers and classmates.
    10. Emily received an award for her outstanding performance in school.
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    By using these sentences as examples, you can practice incorporating the word School into your own writing. Remember to always capitalize the word School when referring to an educational institution. Keep practicing and soon you will feel confident using School in a variety of sentences.

    How To Use School in Sentences


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “school” highlight various aspects of education, from everyday activities like studying and attending class to more specific experiences such as exams and extracurricular involvement. These sentences also shed light on the different emotions and challenges associated with school, including stress, excitement, and the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

    Overall, the examples illustrate the diverse contexts in which the word “school” can be used, reflecting the complexity and significance of the educational journey. Whether discussing school routines, achievements, or struggles, these sentences offer a glimpse into the pivotal role that schools play in shaping individuals’ lives and fostering learning and development.