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STRANGE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Strange

    Sentence with Strange

    Have you ever come across a sentence that made you pause and think, “That’s strange”? A strange sentence is one that surprises or confuses the reader due to its peculiar or unexpected nature. It may evoke a sense of curiosity, amusement, or even bewilderment upon first reading.

    In writing, using strange sentences can add an element of intrigue or playfulness to your work. By incorporating unexpected phrases or unconventional structures, you can capture the reader’s attention and create a memorable impact. Ready to explore the world of strange sentences and unlock the creative possibilities they offer in your writing?

    7 Examples Of Strange Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The cat made a strange noise in the night.
    2. I found a strange rock in the garden today.
    3. The puppet had a strange face that made me laugh.
    4. The clouds looked strange and colorful during sunset.
    5. My teacher told us a strange story about a talking tree.
    6. We saw a strange bird with bright feathers in the park.
    7. The robot had strange lights flashing on its head.
    Examples Of Strange Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Strange Examples

    • Strange things happen during exam week, like finding a pencil in your bag that you never remember putting in.
    • The professor’s decision to cancel class last minute was strange, leaving everyone wondering what happened.
    • It was strange how everyone suddenly became friends in the library during finals week, bonding over shared stress.
    • The cafeteria serving pizza for breakfast was definitely a strange choice, but no one complained.
    • Waking up to find your roommate rearranged the furniture in the middle of the night was definitely strange.
    • Hearing voices whispering late at night in the empty hallway was quite strange and caused chills to run down everyone’s spine.
    • It was strange how the campus cat seemed to always know when students needed comforting and would appear out of nowhere to offer snuggles.
    • The sudden power outage during an important presentation was definitely a strange turn of events.
    • Finding a mysterious note tucked into your textbook with no sender’s name was both exciting and strange.
    • Seeing a student walking around campus in a full suit of armor was undeniably strange and drew a lot of attention.
    • The way the campus squirrels seemed to be plotting something was both amusing and strange to observe.
    • Observing a group of students doing a synchronized dance routine in the middle of the quad was definitely strange but entertaining.
    • Finding a stray peacock wandering around the campus grounds was a strange sight that no one could explain.
    • The way some students would break out into spontaneous song during study sessions was both endearing and strange.
    Sentences with Strange Examples

    How To Use Strange in Sentences?

    Strange means something that is unusual, unexpected, or unfamiliar. Here is a guide on how to use strange in a sentence:

    1. As an adjective: When describing a person, place, or thing that is not normal or common. Example: “The strange noise coming from the attic gave me chills.”
    2. In a question: When questioning the oddness or peculiarity of something. Example: “Isn’t it strange that she never carries a bag with her?”
    3. In a comparative sentence: When comparing something with another that is not usual or typical. Example: “It’s strange how quickly the weather can change in this part of the country.”
    4. With a verb: When using strange to describe an action that is bizarre or unexpected. Example: “She found it strange that he would leave without saying goodbye.”
    5. In a negative statement: When expressing disbelief or confusion about a situation. Example: “I thought it was strange that the store was closed during normal business hours.”
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    Remember, strange can be used in various ways to convey different meanings. It adds depth and interest to your sentences, making your communication more engaging. Practice using strange in different contexts to become more comfortable with its usage.

    How To Use Strange in Sentences


    In conclusion, crafting sentences with strange or unusual elements can infuse creativity and intrigue into writing. By incorporating unconventional phrasing or unique vocabulary, writers can capture readers’ attention and create memorable linguistic experiences. Whether it be using unexpected word choices, peculiar structures, or bizarre imagery, sentences with strange elements can convey complex ideas in an engaging and refreshing way.

    Experimental sentences can add depth and originality to written works, making them stand out in a sea of conventional language. By experimenting with syntax, tone, and language, writers can push the boundaries of traditional writing norms and spark creativity in both themselves and their audience. Embracing the strange in writing opens up a world of possibilities for expression and communication, encouraging writers to think outside the box and explore new avenues of linguistic artistry.