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STREAM in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Stream

    Sentence with Stream

    Have you ever wondered how to use the word “stream” in a sentence? Let me explain: A stream is a small body of flowing water, often found in nature, like a creek or brook.

    When you use “stream” in a sentence, you are typically referring to the movement of water in a linear fashion. This word can also be used in a more figurative sense to describe the flow of data or information, as in “I like to stream music online.”

    7 Examples Of Stream Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The stream flowed quietly through the forest.
    • Fish swim in the stream.
    • I like to play by the stream.
    • The water in the stream is cold.
    • We can hear birds chirping near the stream.
    • The stream is full of rocks and pebbles.
    • Let’s follow the stream and see where it goes.
    Examples Of Stream Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Stream Examples

    • Stream your lectures online for easy access.
    • Make sure you choose the right stream for your career goals.
    • The Engineering stream is highly competitive in India.
    • Explore different streams before making a decision.
    • Join study groups to discuss topics from your stream.
    • Attend career seminars to learn about opportunities in your stream.
    • The Arts stream offers a wide range of subjects to study.
    • Meet with academic advisors to discuss your stream options.
    • Research job prospects for graduates in your chosen stream.
    • Stay updated with the latest developments in your stream.
    • Participate in internships related to your stream.
    • Networking with professionals in your stream can open up opportunities.
    • Consider combining streams for a unique academic experience.
    • Seek mentorship from professors in your stream for guidance.
    Sentences with Stream Examples

    How To Use Stream in Sentences?

    The word “stream” can be used as both a noun and a verb, so the way you use it in a sentence depends on what you’re trying to say. Here are some examples:

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    • stream flows through the field.
    • We hiked alongside the gurgling stream.
    • There’s a constant stream of customers coming into the store.
    • Tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.
    How To Use Stream in Sentences


    • Sunlight streamed in through the window.
    • Rain streamed down from the sky.
    • Music streamed from her phone speakers.
    • People streamed out of the stadium after the game.
    • She streamed a live video game session for her fans. (Here, “stream” refers to the act of broadcasting content online)


    In conclusion, the sentences provided with the keyword “stream” are varied and demonstrate how the word can be used in different contexts. From describing the flow of water in a stream to the continuous transmission of data in a live stream, the examples showcase the versatility of the term. Additionally, these sentences illustrate how “stream” can be employed to convey movement, continuity, and connectivity in both literal and metaphorical ways.

    Overall, the sentences featuring “stream” serve as effective tools for showing the various meanings and uses of the word. Whether describing a meandering stream in nature or a digital stream of content online, this keyword can paint vivid images and help convey ideas with clarity and precision.