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SUDDENLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Suddenly

    Sentence with Suddenly

    Have you ever been caught off guard by a sudden change or surprise? The word “suddenly” conveys a sense of unexpectedness or abruptness in a situation. In writing, it is used to indicate a swift change or an immediate action without warning.

    Serving as a powerful adverb, “suddenly” can drastically alter the pace and tone of a sentence or narrative. It is commonly employed in storytelling to create tension, suspense, or emphasize a pivotal moment. Coined from the Latin word “subito,” meaning “suddenly” or “unexpectedly,” this word has the ability to grab the reader’s attention and propel the story forward with a jolt of urgency.

    7 Examples Of Suddenly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I was playing outside when suddenly it started raining.
    • Suddenly, a colorful butterfly landed on the flower.
    • Suddenly, the bell rang for recess time.
    • I was eating my lunch when suddenly I heard a loud noise.
    • Suddenly, my friend appeared with a big smile on his face.
    • I was reading a book when suddenly the lights went out.
    • Suddenly, the wind started blowing and the trees swayed.

    14 Sentences with Suddenly Examples

    1. Suddenly, the professor announced a surprise quiz at the beginning of the class.
    2. Suddenly, the WiFi connection in the library went down while students were working on their assignments.
    3. Suddenly, the power went out during a student presentation, leaving the room in darkness.
    4. Suddenly, a group of monkeys entered the college campus and caused chaos among the students.
    5. Suddenly, heavy rains started pouring just as the students were about to leave for their field trip.
    6. Suddenly, the canteen ran out of food right before the lunch break, leaving the students hungry.
    7. Suddenly, a fire alarm went off in the middle of an important lecture, forcing an evacuation of the building.
    8. Suddenly, a fight broke out between two students in the college canteen, causing a commotion.
    9. Suddenly, a wild peacock wandered onto the college grounds, surprising everyone.
    10. Suddenly, the line for submitting assignments became extremely long just before the deadline.
    11. Suddenly, the administration announced a change in the exam schedule, creating confusion among the students.
    12. Suddenly, a renowned guest speaker arrived on campus for an impromptu talk.
    13. Suddenly, the college basketball team made an unexpected comeback in the final minutes of the game.
    14. Suddenly, a power surge caused all computers in the computer lab to shut down, interrupting ongoing projects.
    Sentences with Suddenly Examples

    How To Use Suddenly in Sentences?

    In order to use the word “suddenly” correctly in a sentence, beginners should remember that suddenly is an adverb used to describe something that happens quickly, unexpectedly, or without warning.

    How To Use Suddenly in Sentences

    Here are some tips on how to properly incorporate the word suddenly in a sentence:

    1. Placement: Suddenly is typically placed at the beginning of a sentence before the action that occurs swiftly or without warning. For example, “She was reading a book when suddenly the power went out.”
    2. Punctuation: When suddenly is used to introduce a sudden event, a comma is usually placed after it. For example, “He suddenly, realized he was late for his meeting.”
    3. Synonyms: If you want to vary your language, you can also use synonyms of suddenly such as “abruptly,” “unexpectedly,” or “all of a sudden.” For example, “The phone rang, and suddenly she remembered she had an appointment.”
    4. Practice: To get more comfortable using suddenly in sentences, try incorporating it into your daily writing or storytelling. This will help you become more familiar with how to use it effectively.
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    By following these tips and practicing using suddenly in a variety of sentences, beginners can enhance their writing skills and effectively convey moments of surprise or rapid change in their writing.


    In writing, the use of sentences with the keyword “suddenly” serves to create dramatic impact by abruptly shifting the narrative or introducing unexpected events. These sentences help maintain reader engagement by injecting moments of surprise or urgency into the text. By employing sentences with “suddenly,” writers can effectively build tension, propel the plot forward, or emphasize pivotal moments in their storytelling.

    The frequent use of sentences with “suddenly” in writing can add dynamism and excitement to a narrative, capturing the reader’s attention and driving the story’s momentum. This device can be a powerful tool in the hands of skilled writers, serving to break monotony, evoke strong emotions, and keep readers on edge as they navigate through twists and turns in the plot.