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THERE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use There

    Sentence with There

    Examples sentences are a powerful tool in writing that help to illustrate concepts or ideas by providing specific instances of them in action. These sentences typically begin with the word “there” followed by a verb, and are commonly used to clarify or support the points made in a text.

    By using example sentences, writers can make their ideas more accessible and relatable to readers, as well as provide evidence to strengthen their arguments. This technique can be especially useful in explaining complex topics or demonstrating how a concept works in practice.

    7 Examples Of There Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • There is a big tree in the park.
    • Let’s look for the ball over there.
    • There are many colorful flowers in the garden.
    • Can you see the birds flying up there?
    • There is a rainbow in the sky after the rain.
    • Where is there a butterfly?
    • There are so many stars in the night sky.
    Examples Of There Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with There Examples

    • There are many libraries in the city where you can study for your exams.
    • Make sure to check if there are any workshops or seminars happening on campus this week.
    • Don’t forget to meet your group members at the cafeteria, I heard there was a study session planned.
    • Have you heard if there are any internships available in the IT sector for the summer?
    • There is a new coffee shop near the campus that everyone is talking about.
    • Remember to check if there are any guest lectures scheduled in the auditorium this month.
    • Is there a career fair happening on campus soon? You should attend it.
    • I heard there is a new bookstore opening next to the college campus.
    • Have you looked into whether there are any scholarships available for your course?
    • There might be a student exchange program that you can apply for next semester.
    • There should be a sports event happening at the university grounds on Saturday.
    • Make sure to ask your seniors if there are any important notes or study materials they can share with you.
    • There are many student clubs and organizations you can join to enhance your college experience.
    • There is a career guidance counselor available for students who need help with their future plans.
    Sentences with There Examples

    How To Use There in Sentences?

    There is a versatile word in the English language with different meanings depending on how it is used in a sentence. Here is a guide to help beginners use there correctly:

    1. There as an adverb of place: Use there to indicate a place, location, or position. For example, “The book is over there on the table.”
    2. There as a pronoun: There can also be used as a pronoun to introduce or refer to a place, as in, “Is anyone there?”
    3. There as an expletive: There can be used as an expletive at the beginning of a sentence to introduce a statement or observation, such as, “There are many different ways to learn English.”
    4. There with “to be”: Use there + to be (is, are, was, were) to indicate existence or to describe a situation. For example, “There is a cat on the roof.”
    5. There with prepositions: There can be used with prepositions like “for,” “in,” “at,” or “from.” For instance, “She is from there.”
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    Remember that there is not the same as “their” or “they’re.” By understanding the different uses of there and practicing with examples, beginners can improve their grammar and fluency in English.

    How To Use There in Sentences


    In conclusion, utilizing sentences with the keyword “there” can effectively convey a sense of location or existence. By including this word in a sentence, the reader is able to quickly grasp where something is happening or the mere presence of a subject. For example, “There is a cat sleeping on the couch” clearly indicates the existence and location of the cat.

    Additionally, sentences with “there” can also help create a more descriptive and engaging narrative by providing specific details about the setting or scene. This word serves as a useful tool for writers looking to add depth and clarity to their writing, enabling them to paint a vivid picture for their readers. Incorporating sentences with “there” can enhance the overall readability and impact of a piece of writing.