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UNISON in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Unison

    Sentence with Unison

    Have you ever wondered what it means for something to be done in unison? “Unison” refers to the act of multiple elements coming together to create a harmonious and synchronized whole. When things are in unison, they move or function as one cohesive entity, working in perfect harmony and alignment.

    This concept of unison can be seen in various aspects of life, from music and dance performances where individuals move and perform together in perfect synchronization, to teamwork in the workplace where colleagues collaborate seamlessly towards a common goal. Keep reading to explore more examples of how things can work in unison to achieve great results.

    7 Examples Of Unison Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Let’s clap our hands in unison!
    2. We will sing the song together in unison.
    3. All of us will jump in unison.
    4. Can we count out loud in unison?
    5. Let’s march around the room in unison.
    6. Our voices sound beautiful when we speak in unison.
    7. We can play the music instruments in unison.

    14 Sentences with Unison Examples

    • Unison chanting during protests can amplify the students’ voices and demands.
    • Teamwork in a group project is essential for achieving unison in the final presentation.
    • Participating in cultural events can help foster a sense of unison within the college community.
    • Unison in studying together can lead to better understanding of complex subjects.
    • The college band played in perfect unison at the annual music festival.
    • Attending college events can help students feel a sense of unison with their peers.
    • Collaborating with classmates can help in working towards a common goal in unison.
    • The student council worked in unison to organize a successful charity drive for the local community.
    • Dance performances require precise movements in unison with the music.
    • Group discussions can help in reaching unison on certain topics and issues.
    • College sports teams practice hard to ensure they play in unison during matches.
    • Studying together in unison can create a supportive environment for academic success.
    • College clubs and societies often work in unison to organize various events and workshops.
    • Connecting with classmates can help in feeling a sense of unison and belonging within the college campus.
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    How To Use Unison in Sentences?

    Unison is a powerful tool that helps simplify writing and organizing sentences. When using Unison in a sentence, always remember to focus on the main word you want to highlight.

    To use Unison effectively, start by identifying the main word you want to emphasize in your sentence. Once you have chosen the main word, surround it with double asterisks (* ) to make it bold. For example, if you want to highlight the word “important” in a sentence, you would write it as *important.

    When using Unison in a sentence, make sure the formatting is consistent and does not distract from the main word. Avoid overusing bold formatting, as it may reduce the impact of the emphasized word.

    Additionally, it’s important to consider the context of your sentence when using Unison. Choose words to emphasize that are relevant and add value to the overall meaning of the sentence.

    Practice using Unison in sentences to become more comfortable with the formatting. Experiment with different words and see how bold formatting can enhance the clarity and emphasis in your writing. By mastering the art of using Unison in sentences, you can effectively draw attention to key words and improve the readability of your writing.


    In conclusion, sentences written in unison carry a harmonious flow where multiple parts come together to create a cohesive whole. Whether it’s a group of people reciting a passage in unison or sentences within a paragraph echoing a common theme or structure, the use of unison adds rhythm and impact to the text. This technique not only highlights similarities and connections between different elements but also enhances readability and engages the audience by creating a sense of unity and completeness.

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    By crafting sentences in unison, writers can effectively convey their message with clarity and emphasis, making their writing more memorable and compelling. This rhythmic and synchronized approach to sentence construction provides a powerful tool for enhancing the structure and coherence of any piece of writing, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on the reader.