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UNMADE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Unmade

    Sentence with Unmade

    Have you ever encountered an unmade bed in a messy room? The word “unmade” refers to something that has not been put in order or properly arranged.

    In writing and speaking, an unmade sentence lacks structure and clarity, making it difficult for the reader or listener to comprehend its intended message.

    7 Examples Of Unmade Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The bed was left unmade this morning.
    • The puzzle remains unmade on the table.
    • The doll’s hair was left unmade after playing.
    • The sandcastle was left unmade at the beach.
    • The drawing was unmade when the paper ripped.
    • The cake batter was left unmade in the bowl.
    • The blanket was unmade after naptime.

    14 Sentences with Unmade Examples

    • Unmade bed is the first thing I see when I walk into my roommate’s room.
    • I can’t find my textbook in this unmade mess on my desk.
    • My assignment is late because of the unmade schedule I’ve been following this week.
    • We decided to order takeout since our kitchen is a disaster with unmade dishes piled up.
    • I couldn’t concentrate on studying with the unmade to-do list lingering on my mind.
    • My group presentation was almost sabotaged because of the unmade slides.
    • I missed the bus this morning due to the unmade alarm on my phone.
    • The weekend plans got canceled because of the unmade reservations for our trip.
    • I had to wear wrinkled clothes to class because of the unmade laundry pile.
    • It’s hard to focus in a cluttered room with unmade posters falling off the walls.
    • My laptop crashed during the exam because of the unmade software updates.
    • My roommates are frustrated with the unmade room cleaning schedule.
    • The unmade party invitations were the reason why no one showed up.
    • I had to rush through my presentation due to the unmade practice sessions.
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    How To Use Unmade in Sentences?

    To use the word “Unmade” in a sentence, think about situations where something hasn’t been created or has been destroyed. For example, “The tornado unmade the beautiful garden Mrs. Smith had spent years cultivating.” In this sentence, “unmade” is used to describe the action of the tornado destroying the garden.

    Another way to use “Unmade” is when referring to something that was previously put together but is now in a state of disarray. For instance, “The young child unmade the puzzle his older brother had spent hours completing.” Here, “unmade” conveys the idea of the puzzle being taken apart or disassembled.

    Additionally, “Unmade” can be used to describe something that was once whole or complete but is now broken or no longer intact. For example, “The artist unmade her sculpture after realizing it didn’t convey the intended message.” In this sentence, “unmade” implies that the sculpture was destroyed or dismantled.

    Remember that when using “Unmade” in a sentence, it often signifies a reversal of the original state of something, whether through destruction, disassembly, or undoing. Practice incorporating “Unmade” into your writing to become more familiar with its meanings and applications.


    In this article, various examples of sentences with the keyword “unmade” have been provided to illustrate how the word can be used in different contexts. These sentences showcase situations where something has not been created, completed, or put together, emphasizing a state of being unfinished or undone.

    From unmade beds to unmade decisions, the word “unmade” captures a sense of incompleteness and potential for further action. By understanding the implications of this word, we can appreciate the importance of follow-through, completion, and attention to detail in our daily tasks and decision-making processes. Whether it pertains to physical objects or abstract concepts, the notion of things being unmade reminds us of the significance of taking initiative to see projects through to their final stages.

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