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UNQUOTE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Unquote

    Sentence with Unquote

    Have you ever wondered how to properly use the phrase “unquote” in your writing or speech? In the realm of quoting and citing sources, “unquote” plays a crucial role in delineating the end of a quoted passage or statement.

    When crafting a sentence and incorporating quoted material, knowing when and how to use “unquote” is key to maintaining clarity and precision in your communication. This simple yet essential term signifies the conclusion of a quoted segment, making it an invaluable tool for writers and speakers alike.

    7 Examples Of Unquote Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The sun gives us light during the day, unquote.
    • We should always be kind to others, unquote.
    • Let’s say thank you when someone helps us, unquote.
    • Birds sing beautiful songs in the morning, unquote.
    • We should always listen to our teachers, unquote.
    • Remember to share your toys with your friends, unquote.
    • Be brave and try new things, unquote.

    14 Sentences with Unquote Examples

    • According to our professor, the exams will be open-book this semester, unquote.
    • The deadline for submitting your research paper is next Friday, unquote.
    • Make sure to cite all your sources properly to avoid plagiarism accusations, unquote.
    • The library will remain open until midnight during exam week, unquote.
    • Don’t forget to register for your courses for next semester before the deadline, unquote.
    • Remember to check your email regularly for updates from the university, unquote.
    • The sports complex has extended its hours to accommodate more students, unquote.
    • The guest lecture on sustainable development will take place in the auditorium on Friday, unquote.
    • The annual college festival is scheduled for next month, unquote.
    • There will be a free workshop on time management for students next week, unquote.
    • Make sure to submit your internship report by the end of this week, unquote.
    • The student council elections will be held on the 15th of next month, unquote.
    • The university counseling center offers free sessions for students dealing with stress and anxiety, unquote.
    • The campus cafeteria will be closed for renovations starting next Monday, unquote.
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    How To Use Unquote in Sentences?

    To use the word Unquote in a sentence, it is helpful to remember its purpose in quoting or emphasizing a word or phrase. When incorporating Unquote into your writing, place it at the end of the quoted material to signal the end of the quotation.

    For example, “The team is working hard to meet the project deadline, and we are confident in our abilities, unquote.” In this sentence, Unquote is used to indicate the end of the quoted statement and return to the main narration.

    It is important to note that while Unquote is commonly used in spoken language to signal the end of a quotation, it is not necessary in formal writing, as it can be seen as informal or unnecessary. Instead, you can use other punctuation marks such as a comma or period to signify the end of the quotation.

    Additionally, when using Unquote, remember to pronounce it as “uhn-kwoht” to ensure clarity in conversation. This will help you confidently incorporate it into your speech and writing, adding emphasis to your quoted material.

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively use the word Unquote in a sentence and enhance your communication skills.


    In conclusion, using “unquote” in sentences is a common way to indicate the end of a quoted passage or to emphasize the speaker’s words. This simple word adds clarity to written or spoken communication by signaling the boundary between quoted material and the speaker’s own words. It is a helpful tool for maintaining readability, especially in longer passages where it may not be immediately clear where the quoted material ends.

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    By incorporating “unquote” into sentences, writers and speakers can effectively punctuate and demarcate quoted material, enhancing the overall coherence of their message. This small but crucial word plays a significant role in conveying the intended meaning and ensuring that the context of the quote is correctly understood by the audience.