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UNTIL NOW in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Until Now

    Sentence with Until Now

    Have you ever wondered how to properly use the phrase “until now” in a sentence? This combination of words is often used to indicate a change in a situation or a new piece of information being revealed.

    “Until now” is a transitional phrase that signifies a shift from a past state of affairs to a new development or revelation. It is typically used to introduce information that was not previously known or to highlight a change that has taken place up to the present moment.

    7 Examples Of Until Now Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I have never seen a rainbow until now.
    • I have never eaten a mango until now.
    • I have never ridden a bicycle until now.
    • I have never been on a train until now.
    • I have never drawn a picture until now.
    • I have never seen a butterfly until now.
    • I have never played with a puppy until now.

    14 Sentences with Until Now Examples

    • Until now, I hadn’t realized how important time management is for college students in India.
    • College fees had always seemed manageable until now, with the sudden increase in prices.
    • Until now, I thought staying up all night to study was an effective strategy, but it’s actually harmful in the long run.
    • Balancing academics and extracurricular activities seemed easy until now, with the approaching exams.
    • Until now, I hadn’t experienced the true pressure of meeting assignment deadlines in college.
    • The need for networking and building connections didn’t seem necessary until now, as I look for internships and job opportunities.
    • Until now, my parents’ advice on budgeting and saving money didn’t fully make sense, but now I see its importance.
    • Group projects were annoying until now, when I realized the value of collaboration and teamwork.
    • Until now, I took my physical and mental health for granted, neglecting the importance of self-care in college life.
    • College seemed like a breeze until now, when the reality of exams and grades hit me.
    • Until now, I hadn’t fully appreciated the availability of resources and support services provided by the college.
    • The idea of studying abroad seemed out of reach until now, when I discovered scholarship opportunities and exchange programs.
    • Until now, I hadn’t acknowledged the impact of peer pressure and comparison on my mental well-being.
    • Job interviews and resume building seemed distant until now, as graduation approaches and the need for a career plan becomes crucial.
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    How To Use Until Now in Sentences?

    Until Now is used to indicate a change of state or condition from a previous time up to the present moment. In a sentence, it is typically placed before a clause or phrase that describes the change that has occurred.

    For example:

    – “I have never tried sushi until now.” (This means that the person has tried sushi for the first time at the present moment.)
    – “She hadn’t realized her passion for art until now.” (This indicates that she only recently discovered her passion for art.)

    To use Until Now effectively in a sentence, it is important to ensure that it is followed by a clause that clearly indicates the change that has taken place. This change can be a realization, action, or decision that has occurred up to the present moment.

    It’s worth noting that Until Now is often used to emphasize the difference between the past and the present. By using this phrase, you can highlight the contrast between a previous state or condition and the current situation.

    In summary, when using Until Now in a sentence, remember to:

    – Place it before a clause or phrase that describes the change from the past to the present.
    – Ensure that the sentence clearly conveys the change or difference that has occurred.
    – Use it to emphasize the contrast between the past and the present for added impact.


    Until now, we have examined multiple sentences showcasing the use of the term “until now.” This phrase is commonly employed to suggest a change in the current situation or to indicate that new information or updates are finally being shared. By using “until now,” speakers or writers can emphasize a shift in circumstances or perspectives and imply that this moment marks a significant point in time.

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    In conclusion, the phrase “until now” serves as a powerful tool in communication, enabling individuals to emphasize the timing of new developments or changes in information. It is a versatile phrase that can be used in various contexts to highlight the importance of a present moment in relation to the past.