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UNTRODDEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Untrodden

    Sentence with Untrodden

    Ever wondered how to use the word “untrodden” properly in a sentence? “Untrodden” refers to paths or areas that have not been walked on or explored before. It signifies a sense of mystery and newness, conjuring images of untouched landscapes waiting to be discovered.

    It’s important to understand the nuances of “untrodden” when incorporating it into your writing. By mastering its usage, you can add depth and vividness to your descriptions. So, let’s explore how this word can enhance your narrative and bring a fresh perspective to your storytelling.

    7 Examples Of Untrodden Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I spotted an untrodden path in the garden.
    2. Let’s explore the untrodden forests and see what we can find.
    3. The untrodden snow sparkled in the sunlight.
    4. We discovered an untrodden beach where no one had been before.
    5. The untrodden field was full of colorful flowers.
    6. The children followed the untrodden trail with excitement.
    7. Birds chirped in the untrodden meadow as we walked by.

    14 Sentences with Untrodden Examples

    1. Exploring untrodden paths in the field of research can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.
    2. The concept of starting a business right out of college is still relatively untrodden in India.
    3. Many college students are drawn to the allure of untrodden travel destinations during their vacations.
    4. The untrodden path of entrepreneurship requires a strong sense of determination and resilience.
    5. Venturing into untrodden areas of specialization can open up exciting career opportunities for college students.
    6. College is the perfect time to embark on untrodden adventures and discover one’s true passions.
    7. The untrodden path of pursuing a career in sustainable development is gaining popularity among college students.
    8. College is a time for self-exploration and stepping onto untrodden paths to expand one’s horizons.
    9. The idea of volunteering in remote villages to make a difference in the community is an untrodden concept for many college students.
    10. Embracing untrodden challenges can help college students develop important life skills and resilience.
    11. Many college students are attracted to the idea of studying abroad in untrodden destinations to experience different cultures.
    12. Choosing a career path that is untrodden by others can lead to unique and fulfilling opportunities.
    13. The untrodden road of freelance work offers college students flexibility and autonomy in their careers.
    14. Stepping onto an untrodden path can be intimidating, but it often leads to personal growth and valuable experiences.
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    How To Use Untrodden in Sentences?

    Untrodden is used in a sentence to describe a path or area that has not been walked on or explored. When using Untrodden in a sentence, it is important to remember to place it in the appropriate context to convey the intended meaning clearly.

    Here is an example sentence using Untrodden:

    “The hikers decided to take the untrodden path through the dense forest to discover hidden waterfalls.”

    In this sentence, untrodden emphasizes that the path chosen by the hikers is one that has not been walked on or explored before. It adds a sense of mystery and adventure to the experience.

    To use untrodden effectively in a sentence, consider the following tips:

    1. Context: Make sure the context of your sentence supports the use of untrodden to describe something that is unexplored or unfamiliar.
    2. Clarity: Ensure that the sentence clearly conveys the idea of something being new, untouched, or undiscovered.
    3. Imagery: Use untrodden to create vivid imagery and evoke a sense of exploration, adventure, or mystery in your sentence.

    By following these tips and understanding the meaning of untrodden, you can effectively incorporate this word into your writing to enrich the description of unexplored territories or paths.


    In exploring sentences with the keyword “untrodden,” we have encountered a variety of examples showcasing its usage. From describing paths and landscapes yet to be traversed to emphasizing new opportunities or uncharted territory, the word “untrodden” conveys a sense of novelty and possibility. These sentences often evoke a sense of mystery, curiosity, and adventure, prompting the reader to imagine unexplored terrain or untapped potential.

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    By examining these sentences, we can appreciate how the word “untrodden” adds depth and intrigue to descriptions, narratives, and discussions. Its use invites us to contemplate the unknown and embrace the excitement of venturing into uncharted territories, both literally and metaphorically. Overall, sentences with “untrodden” spark the imagination and encourage us to embrace new experiences with a sense of wonder and anticipation.