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USED UP in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Used Up

    Sentence with Used Up

    Ever wondered how to effectively convey that an item is completely depleted? The phrase “used up” perfectly encapsulates this notion by indicating that something has been completely consumed or expended.

    When an item is “used up,” it means that it has reached the end of its lifespan or utility, leaving nothing left to utilize. This simple phrase efficiently communicates this idea, making it clear that the item has been depleted and is no longer available for use.

    7 Examples Of Used Up Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. We used up all the crayons for our coloring activity.
    2. The teacher used up all the stickers for our craft project.
    3. I used up all my energy while playing with my friends.
    4. The caterpillar used up all the leaves on the tree.
    5. Mom used up all the milk for our breakfast cereal.
    6. The puppy used up all its energy running around the garden.
    7. The sun used up all the water on the playground slide.

    14 Sentences with Used Up Examples

    1. I have completely used up all my printer paper for the semester.
    2. I used up all my meal plan credits and now I have to start paying out of pocket.
    3. I can’t believe I used up all my data for the month already.
    4. I used up all my highlighters and now I need to go buy new ones.
    5. I feel so tired because I’ve used up all my energy studying for finals.
    6. I used up all my savings on textbooks this semester.
    7. I’m out of shampoo because I used up the last of it this morning.
    8. I had to borrow a friend’s calculator because I used up all the battery on mine.
    9. I used up all my meal prep ingredients and now I have to eat out for the rest of the week.
    10. I used up all my printer ink printing out lecture slides.
    11. I can’t make coffee because someone used up all the coffee grounds without restocking.
    12. I used up all my free prints at the library for the month.
    13. I’ll need to charge my phone soon, I’ve used up almost all the battery.
    14. I used up all my note cards for revision, now I have to find something else to study with.
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    How To Use Used Up in Sentences?

    Used up means something that has been completely depleted or consumed. It can refer to items, resources, or energy that have been fully utilized and have nothing left.

    In a sentence, used up can be used like this: “I used up all of my allowance on buying video games.” This means that all of the money allocated for spending has been exhausted or depleted in purchasing video games.

    When crafting a sentence with used up, it is important to ensure that the context makes it clear that something has been completely used and there is nothing remaining. For example, “The battery in my phone is used up after watching videos all day.” In this sentence, it is evident that the battery has been drained entirely due to watching videos.

    When using used up, pay attention to the tense of the sentence to convey whether the action of depleting something has already occurred in the past or is currently happening. For instance, “I have used up all of my vacation days already” indicates that the vacation days have all been utilized in the past.

    In conclusion, used up is a term used to indicate that something has been fully consumed or exhausted. By incorporating this term effectively in sentences, you can clearly communicate that there is nothing left of the item, resource, or energy in question.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “used up” demonstrate various contexts in which this phrase can be applied. Whether it’s referring to physical resources like energy or supplies being exhausted, or describing emotions or time that have been fully expended, the phrase “used up” effectively conveys a sense of depletion or completion. From “she used up all her energy running the marathon” to “he felt used up after working long hours,” these sentences capture the idea of something being entirely consumed or utilized.

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    Overall, the versatility of the phrase “used up” allows it to be used in a wide range of situations to vividly express the idea of depletion or exhaustion. With its straightforward and clear meaning, this phrase is a powerful tool for communicating the concept of something being fully spent or depleted.