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USURPED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Usurped

    Sentence with Usurped

    Have you ever come across a situation where someone took over power or control that wasn’t rightfully theirs? This act is known as “usurped.” When someone usurps something, they seize it without proper authority or by force.

    Usurping can happen in various contexts, from politics to family dynamics. It often involves displacing someone who should rightfully hold a position or authority. This term is commonly used to describe actions that involve grabbing power or rights that belong to someone else.

    7 Examples Of Usurped Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The naughty squirrel usurped the bird’s nest.
    2. The mischievous raccoon usurped the bunny’s burrow.
    3. The clever fox usurped the rabbit’s carrot patch.
    4. The sneaky monkey usurped the tiger’s playground.
    5. The sly cat usurped the dog’s bed.
    6. The tricky crow usurped the owl’s tree branch.
    7. The crafty mouse usurped the elephant’s peanut jar.

    14 Sentences with Usurped Examples

    1. Make sure to properly credit your sources in your research papers to avoid accusations of usurping others’ work.
    2. Plagiarism is a serious offense and can result in academic consequences if caught usurping someone’s ideas.
    3. Always double-check your citations to ensure you are not unintentionally usurping someone else’s intellectual property.
    4. In group projects, be sure to communicate clearly to avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to accusations of usurping credit.
    5. It is important to respect the intellectual property of others and not usurp their work as your own.
    6. Academic integrity is a core value in college, so avoid any temptation to usurp others’ research or ideas.
    7. When collaborating with classmates, make sure to discuss and agree on how to divide the work fairly to prevent any accusations of usurping credit.
    8. Properly citing sources in your assignments is crucial to avoid usurping the work of others.
    9. As students, we must uphold academic honesty and refrain from usurping any content without proper permission or acknowledgment.
    10. It is unethical to usurp someone else’s work, so always give credit where it is due.
    11. The consequences of usurping others’ work can be severe, so always cite your sources correctly.
    12. Taking credit for someone else’s ideas is a form of usurping and goes against the principles of academic integrity.
    13. Collaborative projects should involve equal contributions from all members to prevent any accusations of usurping others’ work.
    14. As college students, it is our responsibility to uphold ethical standards and avoid usurping the work of our peers.
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    How To Use Usurped in Sentences?

    To Usurped a throne means to take it by force or illegally seize power from the rightful ruler. In a sentence, you can say, “The ruthless general usurped the king’s throne and declared himself the new ruler of the kingdom.”

    When using usurped in a sentence, it’s important to provide context so that the reader understands the act of illegitimate seizure of power. You can also use usurped in a metaphorical sense, such as “The newcomer quickly usurped the team leader’s position with their innovative ideas and charismatic personality.”

    Remember that usurped is often used in a negative context, suggesting a wrongful or unjust seizure of power or authority. For example, “The corrupt politician usurped control of the committee through deceit and manipulation.”

    In summary, when using usurped in a sentence:

    – Make sure to provide context or explain the situation where the seizure of power is happening.
    – Consider using usurped metaphorically to describe situations outside of political dynamics.
    – Be aware that usurped is typically used in a negative light to describe actions that are wrongful or unjust.


    In summary, the various examples of sentences using the keyword “usurped” demonstrate how this word is used to convey the idea of taking something by force or without authority. The examples illustrate different contexts in which usurpation can occur, such as in politics, relationships, and power dynamics. From kingdoms being usurped to someone’s rights being taken unjustly, the word “usurped” carries a strong connotation of illegitimate acquisition or seizure.

    Overall, the sentences using the keyword “usurped” highlight the negative implications and consequences of such actions. They serve as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries, authority, and rightful ownership in various aspects of life. The word “usurped” serves as a powerful term to describe actions that involve seizing control or rights through unauthorized means, prompting reflection on the ethics and implications of such behavior.

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